Gekidan ToyLateLie
ToyLateLie the 5th book performance
"White lost in the rain"

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No. 5 times theatre ToyLateLie performance
"white disappeared in the rain'
-school & #11992; Spring twilight ~

screenwriter: Kano Minty
Director: Hagiwara na

Shimura, Yoshio
Yoshioka (18, does not cast), Marika

Hiramatsu kanako child
Kurita, Takeshi
Natsume majestic
love beckons in Yun

Akiba friends,
Hattori Takeo
YAMAGISHI Kana Tsu beauty

Uchida vegetables people
USA Mika Haruna
Fujita torrent Nana
Misawa, Kohei
SAZE Ching t.

小八重 real Saki (only 18 appearances)


heavy rain... term Japan's largest private high school in the Mio Shirai, a female student who disappeared. "Song of the familiar 1 letter"and"somewhere" was left in there.

childhood Shindo Nanami will stand up to uncover its mysteries. information
nobody knows... anything... the only thing.

still not giving up something original contributors appear gradually.

instead of no one knows anything.
anyone, say anything...
it was the truth of this school.

what is truth and what is a lie?
knows that
only rain was falling at that time might be.

gunman who what? shocking facts to get Nanami approached the end the truth


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Shimura, Yoshio Yoshioka Marika Yuki / Hiramatsu kanako child / Kurita, Takeshi Natsume majestic / love beckons in Yun / Akihabara friend, / Hattori Takeo / YAMAGISHI Nana Tsu beauty / Uchida hot people / USA Mika Haruna / Fujita torrent Nana / Misawa Kohei / SASE Qing t. / 小八重 real Saki


Screenplay: Kano Minty / Director: na Hagiwara / producer: Harada Akira papers


2018/2/14 (Wed) 〜2018/2/18 (Sun)


2/14/2018 (Wednesday)-2/18/2018 (Sunday)

2/14 (Wednesday) 14:00 / 19:00
2/15 (Thursday) 14:00 / 19:00
2/16 (Friday) 14:00 / 19:00
2/17 (Saturday) 14:00 / 19:00
2/18 (Sunday) 13:00 / 17:00

* registration starts starting 60 minutes before the auditorium doors open 45 minutes before start of is.
* duration scheduled approximately one hour and 45 minutes.

favor after the concert, high five & round held
14 14:00 show end after a woman cast high-touch meeting
14, 19:00 performances concert after men cast high touch
15, 14:00 performances concert after men cast high touch of
15, 19:00 show end after a woman cast high-touch meeting
Concert concert concert after round (Shimura, Kurita, Natsume, Akihabara, and Hattori MC:ToyLateLie alphabetical)
16, 19:00 16, 14:00 ending after round (Yoshioka, Hiramatsu, love, YAMAGISHI MC:ToyLateLie alphabetical) Yoshioka is

* high society, but does not participate.
* high society after the Valentine's day in "message with chocolate" as a souvenir staff will be delivered to.
* round are scheduled just 15 minutes after the concert.

Ticket Fee

SS seat: ¥ 7000 (front-2 column with sale bromide single):
S-seats 6000 Yen:
a: 5500 Yen
(tax included)
+ Ticketing Fee


Shinjuku Theatre more ALE


Organizations Overview

6/2013 representative Hagiwara na established theater company ToyLateLie.
part 1 at Ueno Theater performing "dream chased fresh' performances, after the 2 nd, 3 rd, 4 th and staged a"fertility"at asagaya Valley Samsa, 700 people mobilized. Then the 1 temporary performance "maladolescenza-hoyaside far-' staged, 1,325 people mobilized. Then after 2 years, aim at further power-ups, will conduct performances of this time.

concept are working in the desire to make plays like everyone from adults to children toys, Toy (toy) Late (late) Lie (lie) theatre company name. a
the official reason of other, Tera Tri's. Is that where made in the toiletry that literally was in the troupe debuted at that time only have tools "toilet" and want to bring national toilet day back.


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