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new year's Asakusa!
the first play the shinshun Asakusa Kabuki!

No. 1, first, one of the three great masterpieces "Yoshitsune senbon Zakura' from the front of the gate. It is obsessed with beauty ruffian exciting Fox tadanobu in the Act. Followed by Beach Palace, Polychaeta, Lord is the point is overflowing sense of urgency Assistant right Mamoru gate, two men with rope, Sir. Please enjoy the new Kabuki "Genroku Chushingura' of pomp and power-filled masterpieces. humorous

part 2, dancing the third thread take-up dolls dancing "sanbaso puppets' opening act. Than BI-Crystal Butterfly Bobby kuruwa Nikki "out" is full of human touch in the moonlight-in-law's family and loving 差shikomu from out of work. And "Kyoto dolls', I'll show you a fantastic story about the ASE master and fairy dolls and fleeting. We become

each year, according to the performers "gifts" holiday greetings] ' to also stay tuned for a glamorous new year's outfit Asakusa district, enjoy a fresh contest by the star.
the theatre visit.

[repertoire and cast]
gifts "holiday greetings"

1, Yoshitsune senbon Zakura (not good twisted mediocrity Zaku et al) Act
Torii before
SATO tadanobu Minoru Nakamura minamotono-kurou-t. Fox Nakamura Hayato
source Yoshitsune's Type:
Shizuka gozen Nakamura plum Maru
Hemi Wisteria Shota bando snake:
Musashi Bou benkei Nakamura Song Seung

mayama fruits and vegetables made
Mayama Miho Director
2, Genroku Chushingura (gennroku China tracing et al) Act 2
Beach Palace rope, Sir
Tokugawa rope, Sir Onoe pine
? nariya  Right Mamoru gate Hill East snake:
please hotaku eshima bando new s.
in music and Kiyoshi Nakamura s. Yoshida
上臈 浦尾 Nakamura song woman core
Arai kageyu Nakamura kinnosuke

No. 2 of
gifts "holiday greetings"

1, the third puppet (puppets actually likely) Nagauta guys
third Nakamura species:
Chitose Nakamura Hayato
guardian Nakamura Plum Maru
Weng Nakamura kinnosuke

bi-Crystal Butterfly Bobby kuruwa Nikki
1, trapdoors (hikimado) Act
South given by then to South 10: Samurai song Nakamura Boost
my wife and early Nakamura U.S. Gil
Hiraoka tampei bando snake:
Mihara propagation of Nakamura Hayato
mother and Hiroyuki Nakamura song woman core
濡髪 chogoro tail on pine,

inscription made left small
3, Kyoto dolls (apricot kernel line) tokiwazu guys Nagauta guys
shadow of Jingo master t. tail On the pine,
Tokyo Doll cumshots bando new s.
daughter, honey actually righteousness light sister Izutsu Princess Nakamura ume Maru
wife OTOKU Nakamura species:
guy Shohei Nakamura Song Seung

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Nakamura kinnosuke Nakamura Song Seung bando Shingo / Nakamura yonekichi / Nakamura Hayato / Nakamura species associate / bando Katsumi associate / Onoe pine t. / Nakamura 梅丸 and Nakamura was of singing women



2018/1/2 (Tue) 〜2018/1/26 (Fri)

* Manual for performing

【first 11:00 start
1/5 (Friday) 11:00
1/10 (Wednesday) 11:00
1/11 (Thursday) 11:00
1/16 (Tuesday) 11:00
1/22 (Monday) 11:00
1/24 (Wednesday) 11:00
1/25 (Thursday) 11:00
1/26 (Friday) 11:00

[part-2] 15:00 start
1/4 (Thursday) 15:00
1/8 (Mon, holiday) 15:00
1/9 (Tuesday) 15:00
1/12 (gold ) 15:00
1/22 (Monday) 11:00
1/26 (Friday) 15:00

Ticket Fee

arrival only! 1st class seats: 9000 yen [1st class ticket]-> confetti special price! (ticket purchase page! )

+ Ticketing Fee


Asakusa public hall


[1st class ticket]
* on the day of the concert begins 30 minutes ago at Asakusa Shochiku Auditorium seats and you exchange for please. If you are in the
-seat. Please be forewarned.

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