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four nurses insurance money murder.
received the insurance money, they killed my husband and taken! hooray!.
insurance money murders actually happened in Kurume city, Fukuoka Prefecture in 2002, four nurses to draw motif.
woman draw 大竹野 Masanori, unlike men who take meaningful action is always creepy.... died at

大竹野 Masanori
48-year-old playwright, 大竹野, Masanori leaves many excellent drama. social

particular case series that focuses on the incident itself, not the best scooping the underdog spirit, depicting the essence of human beings is. like most in

Seto ueyama Saki comment
大竹野 Masanori's work is this "night, names the bird" is.
lonely, miserable and looking for love, kill not only women. men unaware of
then women. This is a terrific conversation passing between the two and the intertwining of work.

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Matsunaga Reiko (nylon 100 ° C) / Takahashi Yumiko Matsumoto tertiary retention / Ando sweatdrop Hui / y. Masaoka (animal electricity) / m. narikiyo (KAKUTA) / Inoue, Kotaro / Fujii bottles


By: 大竹野 m. / Director: setoyama Misaki


2018/2/17 (Sat) 〜2018/2/24 (Sat)

2/17 (Saturday) 18:00
2/18 (Sunday) 14:00 [
2/19 (Monday) 19:30
2/20 (Tuesday) 14:00 : / 19:30
2/21 (Wednesday) 14:00 [
2/22 (Thursday) 14:00 / 19:30
2/23 (Friday) 19:30
2/24 (Saturday) 14:00

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[: after the concert backstage (15 minutes long and free of charge ) * Office cotton from 12/21 reached the booking and capacity, depending on the closing

* doors open 30 minutes before curtain (starting 45 minutes prior to registration)

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Advance tickets: 5000 Yen
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