Odd fees vol.2


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: 1/5/2018 (Friday), 6, (Saturday) to be held!
odd artists and special guests dream contest!

odd entertainment fun for Thanksgiving last year stole "odd fees', 1/2018, power, come back!
war guest of many works were staged in the year 2017.
with variety of special events, such as live music listen here but frankly speaking, each work colored and send you the new year 二日 for the early binge!

first part: guests who appeared on the odd stage I only talk & big lol game corner!

part two: odd artists & meeting events Department guests luxury live

part three: performers and guests via cheki shooting Association

details each guest cast decisions-
Part.1:1 / 5 / (Friday) 15:00 ship rakista
Part.2:1 / 5 / (Friday) 19:00 Yoshida, Hiroshi Yoshino, Teppei leaves Mio Tanaka Hiroki Yamamoto true dream ship rakista
Part.3:1-6, (Saturday) 12:30 sangin Hiroki Hattori Takeo rock righteous Seto, Keita Tanaka Cokey
Part.4:1-6, (Saturday) 16:30 sangin tree Akiba friends, rock righteousness who Seto, Keita

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Cormorant Fishing mostly water chestnut students all / / oguri Ryo mochida 1000 Princess come / Toyo / Hagiwara na / 1/5 (Friday) 15:00 guest: ship rakista / 1/5 (Friday) 19:00 guest: Yoshida, Hiroshi, Yoshino, Teppei, Mio leaves, Tanaka Hiroki and Yamamoto true dream, ship rakista / 1/6 (Saturday) 12:30 Guest: sangin Hiroki Hattori Takeo, rock holder, Seto, Keita, Tanaka Hiroki / 1/6 (Saturday) 16:30 Guest: sangin, Yusuke Akiba, rock holder, Seto, Keita



2018/1/5 (Fri) 〜2018/1/6 (Sat)

1/5 (Friday) 15:00 / 19:00
1/6 (Saturday) 12:30 / 16:30

* opening is the start 30 minutes earlier.

Ticket Fee

All seats reserved: 5000 yen (tax included)

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