Rice from the play-school wolves
8 community drama festival 2018 participation works theater company drama from rice paddies and wolves classroom No. 5 this performance
Asakusa ★ (b) (b) lock

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Performance content

8/1945. from
Wu secretly sailed Navy last secret weapon I-507.
Daito film studios in the filming of the hit piece, "lock detective Office series' climax.
then the current.
theatre performances in "no country", the next note in "Senso ★ b-b-rock'.
at that time, accomplishes a mysterious death of theatre manager of the Theatre Theatre, lockinema theatre.
play, the truth!
then the story-the mystery of Hitler's hidden wealth 1000000000000 Yen's! now cut across
spatio-temporal transcendence Entertainment Act, be dropped! 
adventure fun action film star! Ask stay tuned!

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Hosaka Indigo / Ikeda Sho, and niimi Akane / Kana Okada / yamaoka yukina / miyabe Earth and out of yamaki's succeeded (over the rice paddies from the theatre play, wolves Department) / iiyama Mai Sait? Makoto history / Megumi SATO / Fujimori,


Written and directed by: out of yamaki's pour and lighting on Yoshiaki / sound: Miki Taiki / art: Inada, Michiko / costume designer: TODO Ray child / advertising art: Omachi Shunsuke / stage director: Ryo Watanabe


2018/1/25 (Thu) 〜2018/1/29 (Mon)

1/25 (Thursday) 19:00
1/26 (Friday) 14:00 / 19:00
1/27 (Saturday) 14:00
1/28 (Sunday) 14:00
1/29 (Monday) 14:00
* duration 2 hours

Ticket Fee

All seats are reserved seating (advance): 4000 Yen
1000 yen discount! 4000 Yen-> confetti seats 3000 Yen! (tax included)
+ Ticketing Fee


Lightning 5656 Hall & partners


Organizations Overview

[Rice paddies from the theatre play, and thief classes]
Teatro origin of yamaki's established to preside voluntarily pour OFFICE adventure stories in theatre. Performances begin in earnest from 2015. Slogan is "play to many people.
mean age 23.8 years, Super experimental theater collective!
Taito-ku Organizer, Community Theatre Festival from the 7th series participation.


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