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"Shanghai Moon"


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, believing "that the Japanese" was doing Japanese in that era "man of trust", "basic human nature" and the
this play is written.
my writing this play, I think it's ' 00 people from... Or decrease decrease because people...  No good "is that it can't be
. --Hisashi Inoue eaves


wells on the whole body of line play to mansai Nomura, Ryoko hirosue et al, Challenge the six actors.
once again, Komatsu Hisashi Inoue as a new joint production work and Setagaya public Theatre, masterpiece of the medium-term,
"Shanghai Moon" will be staged.
staged in 2012, 15, had Eyelash seat & world rice Valley Public Theater performance "yabuhara rings" took the applause. Mansai Nomura and of Kuriyama honed rendition rare presence and physical characteristics are made vividly brings back bumping and energetic early plays by Hisashi Inoue, akin to the modern picaresque peculiar story.
and "Shanghai Moon" is. 27th tanizaki Junichiro's award-winning film have been staged by Director Koichi Kimura, ikumi tanno since its premiere in 1991,. In 1934 in honor of course loved the Japanese hate Japan but Chinese writer, Lu Xun and his Japanese is a dense line play was caught a month. Mansai Nomura has spread the width of the body and of Kuriyama new rendition of the long-awaited under a rare and acting skills, and production and representation, stage appearances in 5 years Buri and ripe, have a reputation for acting with a sense of transparency and voice Ryoko hirosue, Yukio Ninagawa, Hideki Noda, Keiko Miyata, Tsuchiya Yuichi 1 many directors, such as Eriko Ogawa trust thick Washio Machiko play unit * pnish * belong to the success in the external work is remarkable, nansenscomedy classical works ever firmly established Yamazaki 1 to demonstrate the presence and the more than 50 years of art, Invited participants Tsuji banjo head in the existence of one and only indispensable to the visor works well on a prominence as a work of the Setagaya Public Theater doors open 20 years.
Sino-Japanese relations will stabilized in relation to other countries, of course, modern Japan, inspirational figure of Lu Xun. time

Lu Xun. 8/1934 synopsis
stage from Shanghai in September. Where is the second floor of the bookstore run by Uchiyama and his wife was in Lu Xun's friend. Lu Xun, a great man of letters in China known as "AKAN Q shoden", "diary of a madman". Was also a literary revolution, a revolution of thought leaders. However, suppression of wind blowing in finally in Lu Xun Chiang Kai-shek's Kuomintang government issued the arrest order. Lu Xun was forced to
fugitive Uchiyama end forming a friendship along with his wife, Kohei, Miki and his wife hiding all this time was the body of Lu Xun's had become a den of disease. However great the doctor I don't like Lu Xun. Okuda love sudo 503 Uchiyama and his wife worked out the family a plan, doctor and dentist's attempt to close attention to Lu Xun, both doctors of the disguise of a big fan of Lu Xun and the portrait painter.
however, nitrous oxide gas used by Okuda under Lu Xun person misidentification syndrome, aphasia and strange diseases being obsessed with it! Lu Xun to save Uchiyama and his wife and Japanese doctors are engaged in struggle! and find out suffering from Lu Xun kept burning passion for literature,
country grieves the family wanted.
Japan, deeply loved the Japanese hate while Lu Xun. It witnessed the death of Lu Xun and his wife and his four Japanese unfolds in turbulent China funny spider sad story.

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Nomura mansai and hirosue Ryoko and Washio Machiko child / Tsuchiya, 1 / Yamazaki / Tsuji yorozu


By: Inoue eaves / Director: Kuriyama


2018/2/18 (Sun) 〜2018/3/11 (Sun)

2/18 (Sunday) 15:00
2/19 (Monday) 18:30
2/21 (Wednesday) 13:30
2/22 (Thursday) 13:30:
2/23 (Friday) 18:30
2/24 (Saturday) 13:30
2/26 (Monday) 18:30
2/28 (Wednesday) 13:30
3/1 (Thursday) 13:30
3/2 (Friday) 18:30
3/3 (Saturday) 13:30) (/ 18:30) (
3/4 (Sunday) 13:30 ?
3/5 (Monday) 13:30
3/7 (Wednesday) 18:30
3/8 (Thursday) 13:30-
3/9 (Friday) 18:30
3/10 (Saturday) 13:30
3/11 (Sunday) 13:30

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