Three shells
Chargeman Ken! Live Cinema concert

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Chargeman Ken! The three major masterpieces
episode 16 "murder record fear Melody"
episode 35 "head dynamite"
episode 45 any 3:00 cuckoo clock
In live cinema form Orchestra plays with a video!
BGM 21 songs to play! MIYAUCHI-Shiro restored by: imahori Takuya
planning three shells
command: bridge Awards

Inc. ICHI (NAC) approved
composers Played: orchestral triptych
sponsored by: chargeman Ken! Concert Executive Committee

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Composer: MIYAUCHI-Shiro / restore arr.: imahori Takuya / conductor:? bridge Awards / Music: Orchestra and triptych / chorus: Skylark children's choir / guest: Osamu MINAGAWA


Sponsored by: chargeman Ken! Concert Executive Committee / cooperation: Inc. ICHI / produced by: three shells, the official, Japanese compoiserarcaibouz


2018/2/17 (Sat)

13:00 half-open
14:00 show
16:00 end
* running time approximately 2 hours

Ticket Fee

S: (Adv): 7000 Yen
a: (Adv): 6000 Yen
b: (Adv): 5000 Yen
500 yen off! A-seats 6000 Yen-> confetti seat 5500 Yen! Student tickets are not available at (tax included)

* confetti.
student ticket reservations, inquiries, contact
+ Ticketing Fee


Shibuya Ward Culture Center oowada


Organizations Overview

Going to a concert to feature animation, special effects, video music legend. Orchestra de force sound and music taste.


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