ForestA concert in Kuki

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ForestA concert in Kuki
Kuki general culture Hall in the schedule! excellent musician who trained at music college and graduate school

all. Television starring as ForestA revolves around around the concerts. Working personally with live Opera appearances. BS Japan-heart song (BS NTV, weekly Monday night 9:00 broadcasting) to cast in.

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Kaoru of Sawada / shinba mikito / Shinichi Yokoyama Megumi shioiri Koji / Imai Shunsuke / Ono Takashi / zhong'an Chiaki Masaru Ishida / Yoshida static / Ikeda history flowers / zaiki Reiko / shousuke tanihara / / piano, nagumo Aya and Midori Yoshino, Yamamoto Kaori, child / Moderator: Makiko Ishikawa



2018/2/3 (Sat)

2/3 (Saturday) 13:30 (open 13:00)

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All seats reserved: 5500 yen (tax included)

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Kuki Sogo Bunka Kaikan Hall


* There are preschool-age children admission non-
* cast is subject to change if

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