Silver rock salt VOL.2
"Wolf Fang <GARO"-God-Fang wake-' GARO-KAMINOKIBA MEZAME-


Performance content

Movie "Wolf Fang God-Fang-KAMINOKIBA-" prior to publication, focuses on
Zynga from the final episode of the TV series "Wolf Fang -GOLD STORM-sho'
movie" God-Fang "to and followed the Full stage of space time.

Ÿ outline Ÿ end of Disgaea
”™”™ and blustery wind. Hiroki decayed
man has been crucified.
man's name is Zynga.
heart is carried out with a Golden Sword.
Zynga is just one memory did not have.
it is like Golden Knight Garo road outside flow Fang himself carried out of his eye...

Golden Sword carried out, air hole in chest And sealed, open the door of the storage-. when accompanied by a
the familiar precepts monk Natsuki (Natsuki) to permanently entomb the Zynga

a new nemesis, demon Makai Knight Biao Wang Fang (Cook), descended into hell,
kids Ashura whispered in Zynga's Yul.

see Zynga. In nemesis can win 1000 times if you battle 1000 times just lost only once. For once, come back to hell ':

Makai Knight Cook secret sword shines through the darkness of hell, the boundary between light and dark, aching crack of Zynga's chest-.

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Justice / kimisawa Yuki / Ito Jun Inoue / Nakamura Ryusuke / Matsuno Inoue Masahiro and Sakai eyes / Yumoto Misaki / doNcHY / Noda Hiroshi / fifth Shin-ichi / Ito, who / South Zhongyu certified broadband / miyadera Takaya / k. / Kume Tomoyuki SATO Hiroyuki Sakai Hayato Doo / EGA / RYO / TAKA-KI / kraus / Iwata arihiro


Executive Producer: Masahiro Inoue / screenplay / Director: shiota Taizo


2017/11/29 (Wed) `2017/12/3 (Sun)

* Instructions for performing
11/29 (Wednesday) 19:00
11/30 (Thursday) 19:00
12/1 (Friday) 19:00
each six total 18 name

* Daily surprises planned! concert:
Theatre doors open 30 minutes before
the lobby doors open: concert begins 60 minutes before.

Ticket Fee

18 only! 7500 yen (all reservation seats / including tax)-> 6700 Yen and 1500 P get! purchase within 24 hours to REC 500 P! (11 / 24 18:00 05 update)
+ Ticketing Fee


Zenrosai Hall space and zero


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