Auntie barasa Cosmos
-Morton Feldman since the death 30 years / Kondo giving birth 70 years ~
Chamber music works of the 20th century, such as Morton Feldman

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Performance content

Kondo, Yuzuru:Standing
j. cage: 4 ' 33
M... Feldman:Why patterns?

Morton Feldman

is America's leading 20th century composers. like the installations of sound, such as the String Quartet to
6 hours

is known by the serene, minimalist style.
(music, such as contemporary American painter
Mark Rothko. At least finished)> /

20th century's greatest problems made...

and is also...

above the two masters to adore the Japan's lone writer Jo Kondo's works (Jo Kondo also greeted that 古希 70-year-old this year
... Be filled with deep emotion)

. OMI well into autumn afternoon along with the natural beauty of the...
stand Music Hall's exterior,
unread and enjoy the exquisite time vicious sense of hearing.

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Piano: shiomi Ryo / percussion etc: Miyamoto Yasushi child / flute,:, or producing or Wakabayashi: Wakabayashi 1000 spring


Stand Music Hall


2017/11/11 (Sat)

11/11/2017 (Saturday) 13:00 ~ / 15:30 ~
(in the same program is performed twice. )

* duration about 1 hours

Ticket Fee

Free seating (General): 2000 yen (tax included)

+ Ticketing Fee


Stand Music Hall


Organizations Overview

It is a contemporary Chamber music works mainly concert planning and held by that organization.


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