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A practical arrangement workshop for musicians
Active in France horn player and composer root male I'll ask "appropriate arrangement" to Brazil!

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Fundamentally male horn player, conductor, composer and arranger active in multimedia held in Tokyo of Japan's first arranger workshop

2013 to "La Folle Journee au Japon 2013" in the arrangement works " Carmen highlights "fundamentally male Ph.d, appeared sonsaku (Nemoto, bamboo glue). The sense of excellent transcriptions of his shocked people who listen. root
France lives in 25 years of multimedia music House, La Folle Journee in Japan and France both as well as from all over as a horn player, as a conductor, as an arranger was invited, is expanding its range of activities.
this fall, to Japan as invited Professor at Aichi Prefectural University of Arts Foundation in Tokyo and Japan's first arranger workshop.

now five featured woodwind quintet "ensemble, mixed" appearance to demonstrate "appropriate arrangement", actually a sound, while specifically, with participants, work out.
"not enough on existing tracks. That song you want in addition to the repertoire... "
" arranged their own ensemble for a few songs, but I want to add color, little... "
it is such people to take part to workshops.

cover songs (scheduled): Mozart the magic flute than Debussy "stilly wind tarantella" other

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Instructor: root, Earl (Nemoto, bamboo glue) and played: woodwind quintet "ensemble, mixed" / curator: nose Yuriko



2017/11/14 (Tue)

* duration 2 hours

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Free seating (General): 3000 Yen
all seats unreserved] (student): 2500 Yen
(tax included)

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Space Do (wind instruments specializes in Dak underground)


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Franco-Japanese music exchange for planning continues for 20 years.


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