Backyard series SEASON 2 Chapter 3
Ask producer vol.20
"Buckaroo Moon! "To end and the last warship Island chapter ~


Performance content

And create plays on 47 prefectures...
backyard series started from such a Word.
in SEASON 1 starting in 2012, Nagano, Niigata Prefecture, Ehime Prefecture, and stage the guests plenty of theater, from the relationship between performers received the support of many customers.
3/2017 and "SEASON2'-island and ship island-as the chapter 1" backyard calm! "Opening in July, Chapter 2" tide backyard! ", And Chapter 3 December comes and the 12th book of the series"-Buckaroo! "We will stage island and ship Island final chapter.
funny subjects, human lives of the people who lived on the island of 0/1960, the high-growth period amid the population density in the world, love and draw.
"from someone who can't live alone, there is my..." Please expect us to the screenplay a
human pattern: Kanno Minister taro and directed by: Satoshi Furukawa and collaboration!

during the 1960's. Japan's high-growth period Middle Japan.
Nagasaki Prefecture Island (warship Island, commonly known as) the vibrant was brimming over with.
all households in the three sacred treasures (TV, refrigerator, washing machine), including the
that more than 5,000 people lived in small enough said
"while smoking one to be made 1周 island" island.

Islanders all family in the warship Island boasts the world's largest population density, and say [Island 1 family] were rooted spirit.

season is winter.
GUNKANJIMA visited Blizzard, snowing for couple of years Buri. Joy
Island children, adults have the sight watching him. 辰元 Kazuki

coal miner's continues to work towards the third late-night.
fianc? ferrozine Junko's bringing new life dwells in the stomach. two

Islanders who also come to care that a big decision.
Islanders who accepts the decision of the two, shed tears of joy of the sadness.
only that day.

coal mining in mine, a fire of unknown cause occurred.

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Shimizu one noble / PEAR 木mai / forest one, and Kotani Yoshikazu / Yoshida Kotaro / kawana Kosuke / Sugie Yu Atsushi / shiode Junko / Kinoshita Sai / akaishi knob-Cho, ERI Yamada sense child / Otsuka kotoko / Noboru Kaneko (cameo) / study / Kiriyama Fujiwara / ONITSUKA way walk


Screenplay: Kanno taro Minister / Director: Koga Satoru / music: k. Noda


2017/12/6 (Wed) 〜2017/12/11 (Mon)

12/6 (Wednesday) 14:00 / 19:00
12/7 (Thursday) 19:00
12/8 (Friday) 19:00
12/9 (Saturday) 13:00 / 18:00
12/10 (Sunday) 13:00 / 18:00
12/11 (Monday) 14:00

* doors will start 30 minutes before.

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ADV: 5500 yen (all reservation seats / including tax)

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* Please refrain from entrance of preschool-age children.

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