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"plist" cast and crew reunion and the original comedy challenge!
stage "pittz ™, staged decision!

what is now cast as "plist" cast and played with! Contest! performing
completely original storyline of the comedy stage. This is the dotabatacomedy
refreshing feeling good laugh. Please stay tuned!

this city pizzeria, I.
the staff insist on pronouncing Baku running delivery who insist on delivery speed and "pizza"
kinda troublesome pizza maker, veteran hot-blooded byte reader or Chala is full of suspicious person, such as college students. in the aftermath of major chain stores also
so much noisy fun shops could close to closing a large pinch!
just 12's season. Was the staff begin to move toward a big reversal in the Christmas...

Theatre after the pizza it's reservation is required?
at the end off the "dotabatacomedy stage!


š ™ Lottery leading š ™
period: 10/11 (Wednesday) 12:00-10 / 18 / (Wednesday) 23: 59 ?closed?
results announcements: 10/23 (Monday)

on the [payment of the ticket price:
Seven - eleven settlements: 10/23 (Monday) election results after notification- 10/29 (Sunday) 23:59
Credit card payment: winning when immediate settlement

ticketing period 11/18 (Saturday) 10:00 ~ can be received until the day of the performance.

* seven - eleven payment please select the customers pay at the seven - eleven store cash register during this pay period (number after payment, upon receipt of the ticket would need will be delivered to), when 11/18 (soil ) 10:00 or later, again at the seven - eleven ticket you can receive. Please be forewarned. Also please note so elected will become void if you do not pay within the above payment period.

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Machida, s. / matsuzaki Fumiya / HAYATE / katsuragi h. / Y?ki Masuda / isaki ryujiro / Kishimoto Takuya / Kobayashi Suzumiya / Sawada Takuro / Arai male / Kensuke Kobayashi / Takahashi Ryo / special guest: kanegae Kou Kitamura Ken people, Kumagai sakigake Valley Yoshiki Nakajima, takuto, from Jin, Matsumoto Hinata, ZžŠ Ken taro, (in alphabetical order)


Director: ISE Naohiro / screenplay: katsuragi h.


2017/12/23 (Sat) `2017/12/30 (Sat)

12/23 (Saturday) 14:00 ~ (Nakajima, takuto) / 18:00-(Nakajima, takuto)
12/24 (Sunday) 14:00-(from Jin) and 18:00-(from Jin)
12/25 (Monday) 19:00-(Kumagai sakigake members)
12/26 (Tuesday) 14:00 ~ (Tatsuya Kageyama) Ÿ / 19:00 ~ (Matsumoto Hinata)
12/27 (Wednesday) 14:00-(Valley Yoshiki) Ÿ / 19:00-(Valley Yoshiki)
12/28 (Thursday) 19:00-(Kou kanegae)
12/29 (Friday) 14:00 ~ (ZžŠ fist taro) Ÿ / 19:00 ~ (ZžŠ fist taro)
12/30 (Saturday) 15:00-Kitamura Ken SB

* () is a special guest in.
* all performers at the times of the round and. to
* round appeared daily guests.
* performances are notice and 12/22 than I have been, has been changed from 23. Sorry about.
* 26 14:00 ~ of the times is the additional performances.

Ticket Fee

All seats are reserved seating (advance): 7200 Yen
all reserved seating (advance / initial discount):  6200 (tax included)
+ Ticketing Fee


Theatre Sun Mall


* Non-preschool-age children admission

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