Blue favor set vol.24
Grandpa and the Red Tower

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theatre of 5th anniversary Memorial Concert No. 3 bullet 2 years Buri ichirou Mizuki latest! the culmination of one of the
theatre style "in the personal history of Japan" series. When in Tokyo was in the big sky. I heard from my grandmother and stories from his grandfather were afraid. Create light and shadow, between stories. new
authors on their ancestors to create motif's group play depiction of ordinary life after World War II.

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Fukuju NAO (blue ™ pair) / Shuji Fujikawa (blue ™ pairs) Reiko Onishi (blue ™ pairs) Tsuchiya Anna statement (blue ™ pair) / ariyoshi, who (blue ™ pair) / kotaki 10,000 Mariko (youth and striped rabbit) and rice village from shirota, Masahiko (š ™ Kita AKT STAGE) / Imaizumi Mai / Ishida Michiko / Dragon history (20 countries) / Shigeru Sato (youth) and slender, Akutagawa Ryunosuke (CAVA) / Yoshizawa void Gen (play group circle)


Written and directed by: Yoshida konatsu


2017/11/18 (Sat) `2017/11/27 (Mon)

* Instructions for performing
11/20 (Monday) 19:00
11/22 (Wednesday) 19:30
11/23 (Thu-Mon) 18:00 š
each 4 people total 12 name
* And Director starting 30 minutes before
š=end after opening round by guest is.
for more information will be announced on the website from time to time performances.

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