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š confetti March 11 interview published articles (WEB version) click here!

ear and I even –ฺŒ} does art theaters opened five years, Mitsuru Hirata Arts cultural Advisor, together with the Delivers new performance "wilderness" by Kuwabara Yuko KAKUTA which won the tsuruya Namboku drama Award and noted playwright / Director's written and directed. draw the human pattern of overnight had to spend under the two women sent to

the opposite of life, but happens to be the same roof.

cast, Al company Hirata Mitsuru, Inoue added veteran actor from Kobayashi Katsuya Masuko shitori Jiang Minako, youth theatre, literature, in addition to rock band In the Soup Nakao Satoshi Keisuke, Please pay attention to casting with young, Kaori TADA, KAKUTA's.

the performance is spike country and I patrol later performed in Toyohashi as a chopsticks art theatre PLAT opening 5-year anniversary, Kitakyushu and Tokyo. stay tuned for the new original works of

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Satoshi Nakao Keisuke / Kaori TADA / Katsuya Kobayashi, Mitsuru Hirata / wells actuators Minako / Mashiko shitori River


Written and directed by: Kuwabara Yuko


2017/12/14 (Thu) `2017/12/22 (Fri)

* Instructions for performing
12/14 (Thursday) 19:00
12/16 (Saturday) 19:00 š @
12/18 (Monday) 19:00
12/19 (Tuesday) 19:00 š
each 3 to 7 persons Total 22 persons

* doors open starting 30 minutes before
> š

Ticket Fee

22 only! General 4000 Yen-> 3400 Yen and 200 P get!

+ Ticketing Fee


SPACE gray playing


* No preschool admission

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