New national theatre Opens 20th anniversary commemorative 2017 / 2018 season
"Kagami away hatanaka in the.


Performance content

who are behind the

mirrors future adults and children before me? Of spreading the world?

play staged in the 7/2015 and stole the mirror motif will be rather small theater 'in 'inside of the Paragon beyond hatanaka. 12/12-is a recasting of the theatre to enjoy the same members are concentrated in a staged 1/13 "world without sound, and, Bentley, child, vol. 2. Herself in the mirrors, love doesn't work, loneliness does not fall off. Slightly bitter, with a little fantasy, and a bit ironical stories, desires, towards future adults and children once. Breaking out of routine, World Theatre that children enjoy.

reflections, new
soldier and the other side of the mirror away and sympathy of each other's loneliness, loneliness, to cheer each other up.
one day new or too young to practice in the other side of the mirror. Hung, away to practice love. or new approaches beyond the practice across the
and here closer to Koike.
Koike's practice in the mirror. Koike, Keiko does not compare. two
practice to stay in touch. It is more and more happy practice.
Mirror away, Keiko Koike, back and forth across the new...
really four people what will happen?

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Kondo ryohei / shutou Yasuyuki / nagatsuka keishi / Takako Matsu


Written and directed: nagatsuka keishi / choreography / music: Kondo ryohei


2017/12/5 (Tue) 〜2017/12/24 (Sun)

* Instructions for performing
12/5 (Tuesday) 19:00
12/6 (Wednesday) 19:00
12/7 (Thursday) 13:00
12/9 (Saturday) 11:00
12/10 (Sunday) 11:00 childcare services available-friendly
12/10 (Sunday) 14:30
12/12 (Tuesday) 19:00
12/13 (Wednesday) 19:00 Childcare services available-friendly
12/14 (Thursday) 13:00
12/16 (Saturday) 14:30
12/17 (Sunday) 11:00 href=" childcare services available-friendly
12/17 (Sunday) 14:30
12/19 (Tuesday) 19:00
12/20 (Wednesday) 19:00
12/21 (Thursday) 13:00
12/22 (Friday) 13:00 childcare services available-friendly
12/23 (Saturday) 11:00
12/23 (Saturday) 14:30 href=" childcare services available-friendly
12/24 (Sunday) 11:00 href="" childcare services available-friendly
12/24 (Sunday) 14:30

approximate running time: 1 hour 25 minutes (no breaks on the way)
* doors open is starting 30 minutes before. Starting after admission may be limited.
* 12 / 6 (Wednesday), 14 (Thursday), 15 (Friday), 16 (Saturday) 14:30, 21 (Thursday), 22 will school groups into the (Friday) performances.

Ticket Fee

[A:] adults: 6480 Yen children (Elementary and junior high school students): 3240 yen (all reservation seats / including tax)

+ Ticketing Fee


New national theatre


* Please do not accompanied by preschool children and visitors. Ask one single ticket children.
* wall, near the handrail on part of the balcony seats, hard to see the stage.
* canceled unless ticket changes and refunds are not.
* there are performers subject to change due to unavoidable circumstances. Please be forewarned.

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