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Hamburg Ballet 'La Traviata' 3 acts with a prologue and Gala performances of John Neumeier and? q world / "Nijinsky" all act

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2018/2/2 (Fri) 〜2018/2/12 (Mon)

[all three acts with "La Traviata" prologue]
2/2 (Friday) 18:30
2/3 (Saturday) 14:00
2/4 (Sunday) 14:00

[Gala performances of John Neumeier and? q world: br /> 2/7 (Wednesday) 19:00>
["Nijinsky" all act]
2/10 (Saturday) 14:00
2/11 (and celebrated) 14:00
2/12 (Mon, holiday) 14:00

Ticket Fee

S:: 23000 Yen:
A seat 20000 Yen
B seat: 17000 yen:
seats 14000 Yen:
D seat 11000 Yen
E seating: 8000 Yen
(all reservation seats / including tax)

+ Ticketing Fee


Tokyo Bunka Kaikan (Hall)


* Pre-school is prohibited.
* listed cast is scheduled for 8/1/2017 now. Please note that the
* above is, John Neumeier, artistic judgment and company of dancers ill, injured or in addition to, may be changed, so.
* performers have presented here is from the Hamburg Ballet change contact up to and will be updated. refund of the ticket with
* cast change, dates and changes of the type will not be accepted. Official cast will be announced on the day of the performance.

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