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see THE CONVOY SHOW "stop six men over the age of 50 non-stop enter entertainment show.
100000 people to mobilize in a national tour, expanded without stop you running to stay in theatre activities, such as hotels and Budokan. In Takeshi Kitano's world "should look again before you die" said the man who occupies it. Celebrates the 30th anniversary last year, and now also in Japan conducted tours of the tens of thousands of people. "Asiapan" may be staged as early as Arc de Triomphe decision! Six new cast of 20-something 4 the mellower fusion to deliver new combos show. Fast-paced story of a song, dance, tap, laughter, tears and jammed Super entertainment show. You will keep an eye from this guys! Guest House surrounded by

ruins of sweet home SAKURA.
call is so threatening to the twilight when the impossible happened man who came from Japan.
childhood friend duo. The man picked up a postcard from a friend.
early retirement during a man claiming to be backpacker.
travel magazine writer. the owners of Japanese settled in this area in
and hotel front desk. local live
fine young people.@
"WHAT IS YOUR MOTTO?" (The motto to live? )
was heard from the ruins of the question whether the message looking for the chance to own a new middle-age man who appeared in the jungle.

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Seshita, people / Ishizaka Yong / Tachi ratio LU 1 / kurosu Hiroshi Mibu / tokhnagachnikhar / Arata ended method / goto Ken flow / Saku between male students and Honda thank alumni and Imamura mouse


Production & direction: Imamura mouse


2017/12/13 (Wed) `2017/12/17 (Sun)

* Confetti instruction for performing
12/13 (Wednesday) 19:00
12/14 (Thursday) 19:00
12/15 (Friday) 19:00

* doors open, starting 30 minutes before.

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All seats reserved: 9800 yen (tax included)

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TBS Akasaka ACT Theatre


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