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Berlin broadcasting Symphony Orchestra String Quartet Christmas concert


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alternate performances with> 467 Nikkei Muse Salon "Berlin broadcasting Symphony Orchestra String Quartet" Japan stop 'Prague Baroque Orchestra Christmas concert" 467 Nikkei Muse Salon held notice

12/12 (Tuesday) in Nikkei Hall was planned "Berlin broadcasting Symphony Orchestra String Quartet Christmas-concert" performances The performers, cannot be held as an alternative performances, "Prague Baroque Orchestra Christmas concert". Secretariat 8, alternative performances and performances on the day of release only at the venue (5:30 PM), but already the Berlin broadcasting Symphony Orchestra String Quartet tickets holders intact as the Prague Baroque ensemble Orchestra tickets available for admission.

and you would like to refund your ticket upon refund as follows. Your email please how to refund to the purchaser, please make sure the payment please.

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1/2017-25, (Monday)

canceled inquiries: Nikkei Muse Salon Office 03-3943-7066
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[programs] 1st movement (String Quartet version)
Debussy / String Quartet tune g minor works 10
Mozart / String Quartet songs No. 3-g-dur K.156(134b)
Chopin / Piano Concerto No. 1 in e minor op 11. /> Dvorak / string quartet song No. 12-f major op.96 "America"

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Berlin broadcasting Symphony Orchestra String Quartet: Andreas Neufeld (1st violin), Franziska Drexel (2nd violin), Andreas vilvohl (viola), Andreas keep (cello) / Guest: Yamaguchi chinami (piano)


Organizer: Japan economic newspaper / sponsored by: Fujitsu Limited


2017/12/12 (Tue)

12/12 (Tuesday) 18:30 concert (open 18:00)
* duration 2 hours

Ticket Fee

only 12! General 3800 yen (all reservation seats / including tax)-> 2900 Yen and 200 P get!

+ Ticketing Fee


Nikkei Hall


12/12 (Tuesday) 18:30.

Organizations Overview

-Quartet Japan's leading the National Symphony Orchestra led by Neufeld joined as a Deputy Chief in the Berlin Symphony Orchestra, and joined the Berlin Philharmonic is the youngest-

Neufeld, EU Youth Orchestra through Served as the first concertmaster of the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra, founded by Abbado, who is the youngest, joined the Berlin Philharmonic. Then after the concert master of the Orchestra of the many on the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra and transferred as Deputy Chief, founded the Quartet in 2016. Members are organized by Drexel and keep full-time members and former principal viola player (currently is chief guest) vilvohl, activities centered on classical and romantic repertoire. This first tour of Japan and Yamaguchi of the budding pianist chinami greet guests.

-in the Berlin broadcasting Symphony Orchestra String Quartet,
Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra of Germany established in 1923 Germany public television broadcast at the same time the oldest broadcasting station, Hindemith, From r. Strauss, Prokofiev and Stravinsky the composer has played as a soloist or conductor. After the Berlin broadcasting Symphony Orchestra String Quartet representing the Orchestra established the Russia-born Andreas Neufeld served as the concertmaster of the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra, through EU Youth Orchestra, Abbado founded Joined as a Deputy Chief of the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra, and joined the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra is the youngest talent. Members such as the Super World Orchestra and Toyota master players also, and musical instruments are made in 1725, of Joseph Guarneri owns. By Hans Eisler high school music Academy from former East Germany Berlin members of the other, toghether with Abbado's Gustav Mahler Jugend Orchestra Chamber music activities have none. Vilvohl viola player took over the Nuremberg music professor and is currently working as.


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