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Premium square original based on 2017 concert-Wonderful Memories ~

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three of Harvard as a vocalist with the musical world on the canvas of the stage, its ability to draw on rich color beauty Mov.
last year Popular square original based on concert held at the end of the year 2017! Performed tybalt roles both in the musical "Romeo & Juliet" and played leading roles in a number of musical works on principle of life and musical "phantom" cast, as well as the vocals, group LE Ichiro Hino in VELVETS tenor for the monopoly the talented and popular to welcome special guest, the customers.

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Square original base / special guest: Shin-Ichiro Hino (LE VELVETS), on the principle of life / music: haha Kim special units (haha Kim (Piano/Music Director) / Tomokazu Sugimoto (Bass) and Ryo Shibata (Drums) / sukegawa taro (Guitar) and Gain Yoshiko Ueda (Percussion) and Keiko Suzuki (Violin))


Concept, direction: Kanno NIMS / Music Director: masterpieces


2017/12/21 (Thu)

12/21 (Thursday)
OPEN 18:00 and START 18:30

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only 16 members! S seat ¥ 8000-> confetti special price! (ticket purchase page! ) and 900 P get! purchase within 24 hours to REC 300 P! (12 / 14/18:00 10 pm update)
+ Ticketing Fee


Meguro persimmon Hall


12/21 (Thursday) 18:30 16

* preschool admission non-
* This buyback, is out of service.

[important] disabled space principle wheelchair users required or disability you have only. On the structure of the venue cannot be for disabled people. Please contact the call center or concert ticket purchase before a possible handicap. If you could buy tickets for please be ready to respond at the venue, at least performed one week before please contact please. Tickets are required (one year) might be accompanied as a Chaperon.

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