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Christmas night shining girl in love!
Matsuyama Ballet this year celebrates 36 years old from the premiere of "the Nutcracker" has noticed the ugly Nutcracker girl Clara was transformed by magic into a hidden soul glow by loving the magic back to the appearance of the original Prince of And the encounter with the Prince is burgeoning in mind through the farewell story. It is a warm stage delivering mainly Yoko Morishita treasures from the 66 year history of dance the ballet world.

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Morishita Yoko osakabe-star arrow / Tokyo new Philharmonic Orchestra / Matsuyama Ballet Orchestra / conductor: Kawai, city



2017/12/2 (Sat) 〜2017/12/3 (Sun)

* Manual for performing
12/2 (Saturday) 17: 00 start (doors open 14: 17)

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4 persons only! s: 11000 Yen-> 8900 Yen and 2600 P get! purchase within 24 hours to REC posts get 900 P! (11/28 18:00 10 pm update)
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Tokyo Bunka Kaikan (Hall)


* More than 3-year-old's admission.

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