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starring Tatsuya Fujiwara, Stage of the legend "Musashi's revival as a
Ninagawa Yukio imprisoned Memorial Concert!

decided that masterpiece of Director Yukio Ninagawa, who died in May last year "Musashi" is reprised as the Ninagawa's imprisoned Memorial Concert in 2018.
this piece is pierced playwright Hisashi Inoue's dedicated and premiered in 2009. Bathed in loud applause from the audience was invited from London and New York in the following year over the sea, known for outspoken American critic and packed. It was very unusual to give 5 star ratings for foreign productions to stage with subtitles such as Britain's "independent" newspaper. Cause round the world reputation as an entertainment incorporating laughter during the heavy themes of originality, then also invited from overseas. Has become a classic stage at the moment, to mobilize a total of five countries 9 cities, at 171 stage about 170000 people. Getting the title of no. 1 in all stage productions at Singapore in 2013 and 2014 soul performances from critics who staged that year. (Invited "Musashi", in Singapore as a "three Masters of the theatrical world", along with works by Peter Brooke, Simon McBurney. )
2018 replay even played by Miyamoto Musashi's Tatsuya Fujiwara. With the 20th anniversary of his debut stage work; To Kojiro for Lucas. To produce without the superb cast also from Yukio Ninagawa et Anne Suzuki, Naomasa musaka, Kotaro Yoshida, Shiraishi kayoko finally received a direct production lacks a single person. Ninagawa and promised that once the same drama Musashi Fujiwara in 2014 at the 35-year-old, once again doing the "Musashi" members at the masters often gorgeous.

Tatsuya Fujiwara (Miyamoto Musashi useful) comments
precious Inoue marquee teacher to rely on writing to us "Musashi", "Requiem" element is jammed. Last year, by Ninagawa died the next year celebrates the imprisoned. And this year, I play a 35-year-old Miyamoto Musashi and the same age. I think that right now, at this stage a very meaningful piece. You want to act firmly and politely.

Junpei mizobata (Sasaki Kojiro useful) comments
"Musashi" The plays wanted peace, the preciousness of life. Also participated since last time I not only Japan but overseas, overwhelmed by the power of this drama. Be applauded for Korean in Korea during the curtain call, crying "Japan and Korea so there should be." still has imprinted on the eyes. I think to move forward while cherish, cherish the ones who leave the crafting Ninagawa's.


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Miyamoto Musashi: Tatsuya Fujiwara / Sasaki Kojiro: mizobata Junpei / brush ya girl: Suzuki Anri and Takuan Peng: musaka Naomasa and yagyu munenori: Yoshida Kotaro / Kiya Mai: Shiraishi kayoko and spur heart: Oishi, successive tasuke: Yukio Tsukamoto / Asakawa hisashizou: IIDA, k. / Asakawa kanbe: Hori civilization / Tadano of Zen: Takeshi Masashi Gaejeong


By: Inoue eaves (Yoshikawa Eiji Miyamoto Musashi from) / Director Ninagawa Yukio / music: Akira Miyagawa


2018/2/11 (Sun) `2018/2/25 (Sun)

2/11 (and celebrated) 18:00
2/12 (Mon, holiday) 13:00
2/14 (Wednesday) 13:30 / 18:30
2/15 (Thursday) 13:30
2/16 (Friday) 13:30
2/17 (Saturday) 13:00 / 18:00
2/18 (Sunday) 13:00
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2/22 (Thursday) 13:30
2/23 (Friday) 13:30
2/24 (Saturday) 13:00 / 18:00
2/25 (Sunday) 13:00

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