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Special events thoroughly enjoying the mark light-blue world! arekore seen
stage in taste with the eyes, the ears, the heart! [content]

-Cormorant Fishing mostly water students singing and dancing by members! in, special reading play

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performance [MARKER LIGHT-BLUE Crimson mark light-blue Crimson] is here!

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Sugie Yu Atsushi / oguri Ryo / furuhata Keisuke / rock holder / Tanaka Cokey / Seto, Keita / SHIOKAWA Wataru / Hattori Takeo / Domoto Shohei / research m. / Akiba friends, / Oshima / / ukai mostly water (singing star)



2017/11/10 (Fri)

11/10 (Friday) 13:00
* opening is the start 30 minutes before.

Ticket Fee

Award with s:: 9200 Yen:
s: 7200 Yen
offers A seating: 8000 Yen:
a: 6000 Yen
balcony seating: 6400 yen (all reservation seats / including tax)

award=sale special mini photo book (to be) + for sale portraits (cast you can select)
* mini photo books are thought of as in "mark lightblueCrimson" you will receive your benefits.
* for sale portraits ukai Lord water is also available.
* award is S seat, A seat common.
+ Ticketing Fee


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