New national theatre Opens 20th anniversary commemorative 2017 / 2018 season
Opera "the tales of Hoffmann" and Jacques Offenbach


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New national theatre Opens 20th anniversary commemorative 2017 / 2018 season
Opera the tales of Hoffmann, Jacques Offenbach
Les Contes d ' Hoffmann/Jacques OFFENBACH
all five acts poet watching q France, performances and subtitled]

invites you to a world of fantasy, Hoffman's three love stories

Depicting the history of the love of the poet Hoffmann fantastic tales of Hoffman. Hoffmann barcarolle most famous and sensuous, beautiful music hero Hofmann singing "song of kleinsack", doll's song by a brilliant coloratura of Olympia, this story is a masterpiece of France-Opera appeal. Maestro Offenbach is a 19th-century Paris great success in operettas composed this work in the evening. Feeling the unique color of Philip arrow stage will invites everyone to the world of dreams. Korczak

popular tenor, the cast

the title role sung by Deluxe connechunny, Burkina by 2016 ' Werther "by drew limelight, popular, talented and is a featured Dimitry Korczak. Nicklaus and muse to the stars of Bel Canto, Lena Burkina, the villain 4 Auditors celebrated cast, such as world-wide Wagner baritone Thomas connechunny. Hoffmann falls in love with three women, Yoko Yasui, Ryoko sunakawa, Keiko Yokoyama, and said Japan's leading soprano will appear. Conductor acts as a legitimate faction Commander of France music Sebastian Roulin. a Hoffmann

what is worth the wait in the bar next to the
[Act 1 (Prologue): opera diva Stella start talking Nicklaus were friends, heartbreak tale of three.

[Act 2] Olympia was automatic scientist Spallanzani made dolls. Call them puppets COPPELIUS was strange glasses and look like living doll, became completely fascinated Hoffman confessed love. After Hoffman and crazy danced the waltz, the Olympia was destroyed in COPPELIUS. Hoffman learns that at this time, for the first time, she was doll.

[Act 3] instrument craftsman Creeper daughter Antonia. Ill breast had knowledge of my mother were singers, singing from his father that was forbidden. However, the diabolical doctor miracle died when tempted to bring the ghost of her mother, singing Antonia. Antonia singing has finally died.

[Act 4] Venetian courtesan Giulietta. And steal the shadow, she is tempted from the magician dapertutto Hoffman had been ordered. Hoffman lost everything betting passing life, soul and shadow the Giulietta. And the schlemiel rivals duel to win, but the Giulietta to elope with the servant.

[the fifth Act (epilogue): Tavern. Diva Stella shows up, but an admirer of her Senator lindorff and arm, leaving Hoffman finished recounting the curious love of source. Drunked Hoffman's vision of the goddess muses of poetry.

★ s 3/10 (Saturday) 14:00 Lecture with performances! "
your pre-theater works include yell, with the commentary by the music staff of the new national theatre Tokyo, please!
also worth 1000 yen program with!
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Hoffman: Dimitry Korczak and Nicklaus Muse: Rena Bell China/Olympia: Yasui Proton / Antonia: Ryoko sunakawa julietta: Yokoyama Keiko and lindorf / COPPELIUS / miracle / dapertutto: Thomas connechunny Andre/cochnieyu/Franz/pitikinaccio: blue, y. / Lutheran / Creeper, mitsuya Okubo and Spallanzani: h. m. Gen / schlemiel: moriguchi, (d) and Antonia's mother's voice and Stella, TANIGUCHI Mutsumi / chorus: new national theatre chorus and Orchestra: Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra


Conductor: Sebastian jessicahuynh / Director, art, lighting: Philippe-arrow / costumes: Andrea woman / choreography: Haruka Ueda


2018/2/28 (Wed) 〜2018/3/10 (Sat)

2/28 (Wednesday) 18:30
3/3 (Saturday) 14:00 child a>
3/6 (Tuesday) 14:00
childcare services available-friendly
3/10 (Saturday) 14:00 ★ Lecture with!

* opening is the starting 45 minutes before. Starting after admission may be limited.
* approximate running time: 3 hours 45 minutes (including break))

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* Please do not accompanied by preschool children and visitors. Ask one single ticket children.
* walls, balusters, with part of the upper floor, the balcony seats difficult stage and subtitles. Please note that.
* canceled unless ticket changes and refunds are not.
* there are performers subject to change due to unavoidable circumstances. Please be forewarned.

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