TERROR terror


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lawyer (Isao hashizume) and prosecutors (Jinno 3 bells) each justice, engaged in heated debates in
the characters ask the intelligence the insisted on this Court to decide it's...
your vote will decide today justice!

hijack a plane heading to 70000 people watching football stadium.
scrambled the plane through the air force pilot's decision...
terror, it's now in this world happen. with the human touch in the
pressing the terms of courtroom drama.

Ferdinand von their debut film short series of "crime" in 2012 in Japan and won the Book Prize (translation), its name is known all over the world as a bestselling writer, own worst. Buzz and won numerous awards at
native Germany domestic acclaim, followed by short stories "guilt", "corini case," a feature-length "TABU", and has won great popularity and attention. a short written work experience gained in a number of incidents there is a
their own worst criminal defense attorney, and incorporate the incident experienced with eagle eye, separate works in a matter-of-fact depiction deep gulches of human industry has captivated readers.
their own worst 'crimes' through people should live if you asking, can we always sin and live side by side in the talks.

6/2015, Hyogo Prefectural Art cultural centre and Parco, their own worst his second novel "TABU" in the world for the first time stage of a new national theatre and Hyogo Prefectural Art Cultural Center for Hankyu in Hall and other performances.
then 1/2018 first plays of their own worst said "Terror" will be staged in Japan! Please stay tuned!

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Hashizume Isao / Tomohiko / Matsushita Kohei / Maeda nitrous papers / horibe Keisuke Ryo / Harada Daisuke Imai / Kamino 3 bells


Written by Ferdinand von their own worst / translation: sakayori Shinichi / Director: Shintaro Mori


2018/1/16 (Tue) 〜2018/1/28 (Sun)

1/16 (Tuesday) 18:30
1/17 (Wednesday) 14:00
1/18 (Thursday) 14:00 / 18:30
1/19 (Friday) 18:30
1/20 (Saturday) 14:00 / 18:30
1/21 (Sunday) 14:00
1/23 (Tuesday) 14:00
1/24 (Wednesday) 14:00
1/25 (Thursday) 14:00 / 18:30
1/26 (Friday) 18:30
1/27 (Saturday) 14:00 / 18:30
1/28 (Sunday) 14:00

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General: 7800 Yen + more 100 P get!
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★ credit card only. 12/23 (Saturdays and holidays) Please receiving your tickets at
seven - eleven store cashier to 10:00.
★ ticket receipt time to seat number I don't know. Please be forewarned.
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TAKASHIMAYA kinokuniya southern Theatre


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