Odd Entertainment Presents ASSH 15 anniversary Memorial show-part 3
"It's snowing-Hill" to Chronicle The Five God and the God of Thunder ~


Performance content

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neo fiction entertainment masterpiece staged decision.@the tale of destiny surrounding
Thunder legend!
"that had landed long ago, the God of Thunder hill... ' overwhelming action ryuzoji road snow and strongest men called
Thunder cut, Gora, and"gonokami"rule passion country taking up the challenge! Video! Music! the historical drama entertainment to inspire
five senses! Island

old, called "Yamato" in the East of the continent.

Yamato King (meeting) so long to cross is ruled over by 10 years of civil war breaks out.
now comes warring States warlords. to the three kingdoms vie aiming at world D์ nobusada governing ryuzoji road snow
South Rekka no country to govern the capital near White Tiger country, and Dragon clouds country to govern the Takeda and Hojo allied forces as a major force going.

list of country Western is, old Thunder swooped into the hills, with thunder and nicknamed the God Thunder off (what would Mirai;), Kazama strong Luo (kazamagoura) with wind and nicknamed two lightning flow River off of my brother's and my friend had made Fort. for ryuzoji road snow

Rekka no country called Thunder over Thunder and wind, disturbing presence. invincible subordinates called Devas in
sea make the Castle Hill are lightning-the lightning off we were stalking his.

Raijin and Fujin, has had friends.
sea God and Heavenly Yang Sea (unabara tennyou), fire God, desciple fixture Saturday God playing children (kagutsuchiyuuji), and good lateral bracing force Earth (gourikidaichi).
This five people called "gonokami".

save the village a few years ago, is "gonokami" enraged ryuzoji road snow. gonokami
see gonokami rebellion"and called this round, losing on the road became scattered.
gonokami for power with each other and swear to reunite someday the way snow to beat. mysterious girl unseen eyes

lightning-Hill showed up for the first flower (baste).
the first flower is Baba rolled was brought down by the road warriors that parent's daughter. by
the way snow houses fell to the home and kin were killed.
only first flower confided to the Asuka village but had a caring brother Igarashi Takeshi (isotakeru) and Japan (family).
then the first flower is a secret.

one day, ryuzoji minions, Amaya (Ameya) and livelier hatsuka-Jiao.
off lightning, gonokami boarded ryuzoji Castle, initiates the first flower operation.

is their destiny. neofictionentertainment deploy

real lightning-Hill and Thunder legend on the stage!


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-credit card: 10/10 (Tuesday) 10:00-until the day of the performance of eleven settlements
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Ishiwata true Osamu / Nakao fist ya / ukai mostly water (ASSH) / surface Yuki / Kuryu all slope Takemoto Yuta aigasa MoE / oguri Ryo (ASSH) / sekiya mayu / Haruka purple indigo vegetables Kobayashi Rui Quaternary / Tanaka Hiroki / Watanabe Falcon Doo / Fujiki Kaoru / Yasaka Saori / Yamamoto true dream / South 1000 Sara climbs and have rice come 1000 Princess / Toyo (ASSH ) / Maruyama Raiden (ASSH) / Erika ogura (ASSH) / Hanaoka bud, (ASSH) and ishibe, Yuichi / rock holder / forest / Ensemble: takami Aya his own child, watai Rui Saya, Umeda Shohei (ASSH-NEXT), Daejeon early tertiary (ASSH-NEXT)


Written and directed: Matsuta 1 batai


2017/12/20 (Wed) `2017/12/24 (Sun)

12/20 (Wednesday) 19:00 š
12/21 (Thursday) 14:00. / 19:00 š
12/22 (Friday) 14:00. / 19:00 š
12/23 (Saturday and holidays) 13:00. / 18:00 š
12/24 (Sunday) 14:00

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.=content TBD

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S:: 7500 / benefits with s:: 9500 Yen * forward five columns:
a: 6500 Yen / benefits with A seat: 8500 yen (all reservation seats / including tax)

* award: for sale books + NFR bromide
(hope cast is oral selection system in the Theatre)

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