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"Honor men suzuko'


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Teased experience had served as a symbol of the social advancement of the woman was born in the Heisei Antares city's first woman Councillor, kikawada matures, successor nominated for mayor to retire, had run to the mayoral election. However, matures as a symbol of women's social advancement, while actually repeat the predominance of extreme behavior, was "honorary men". 3 city tour offer Cabinet
lol Sapporo, Tokyo and Kyoto, laugh at honour men like honorary whites in apartheid-era South Africa, discrimination against women to repeat more than a man in a male gender free comedy!
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Masakazu Ishihara (Ishihara plus 1 show) / moroemachi sho dalang (ARCHIVES PAY) / beard, Nakatani Kazuyo (sononoci) and Kumagaya Mizuho / Toi kiriko shortness Mann (Baku-Œ€ํ line WADA Kenji) and rhododendron, Jiro (Baku-Œ€ํ line WADA Kenji) and Tange Shin Shou beauty / ikegawa takekiyo (pildren) / Kanda, Makoto (nakayubi Theatre)


Written and directed by: Takama Hibiki


2017/10/12 (Thu) `2017/10/16 (Mon)

[W cast: son]
* manual for performing
10/12 (Thursday) 19:30 š
10/13 (Friday) 19:30 š
10/14 (Saturday) 18:30
10/15 (@Day) 11:00 / 15:30 š
š=round and
"round guest.
12 (Thursday) 19:30 n?machi Mineko said (essayist)
13 (Friday) 19:30 Yoko Tajima (Professor, Hosei University original)
15 (Sunday) 15:30 Mori Natsuko (writer)

* doors open is starting 30 minutes before.
* approximate running time: 95 minutes

Ticket Fee

General: 3300 Yen
under 25 years old: 2800 Yen ฆ required certificates
? confetti special price! (ticket purchase page! ) (all seats reserved, tax incl.)

+ Ticketing Fee


Agora Theatre


* With regard to preschool children, contact please consult.
-lol Cabinet
Tel:090-2075-0759 (9:00-20:00)

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