SOLID STAR produce vol.12
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? 11/22 (Wednesday) 18:30
kamagari, kenta, Hatakeyama, Ryo naruse Eimi, Owada South-

? 11/23 (Thursday) 13:30
br /> 50 storm maasa, Hashimoto ? 11/23 (Thursday) 18:30
Hatakeyama Liao, and Eimi naruse, Hayama Subaru, Utsumi Hiroki Hata in Qing Luo

? 11/24 (Friday) 18:30
Owada South na, Nagashima St. Lo, Yuji Yoshioka Marika, yamakita early Quaternary, isohara kyou Hana

? 11/25 (Saturday) 13:30
kamagari, kenta, NADAMAN Awn Moo, 50 storm maasa, Takagi t.

? 11/25 (Saturday) 18:30
naruse Eimi, Nagashima St. Lo, Hayama Subaru, Utsumi, t.,
Yoshioka Marika, and Ohki Yu Li sound

MC Shirayanagi and Takeshi terayama's written and directed by all day to plan.

and the town grocery store. University employees who work in a
it-Ito and patrons and Kato.
2 was boring in everyday's the same.
so much one day, 2 person appears in front of "fairy market" Sue and par.
"I'm super fairies. I came from it's okay-I.
it's Super! Omosiro! So!! ". arekore store
when did not appear until now begins to see.
haname, Manager and Assistant Manager harassed. the Madonna of the OASIS
patrons of the cash register.
people turn into hyenas, dish on sale day. fear comes from the
head office supervisor.
Super greatest enemy and shoplifters. We found one after another with little drama in plain sight
2 people.
and 2 people a life of first love. to be at that time was beginning to change
a little bit at a time, suddenly closes the Super! It was a stand up and try to survive this super
Super shopping really?
2 person love is?
fairy says "omosiro! "And the... send

SOLID STAR produced by the singing and dancing,
hilarious musical comedy!

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Kamagari, Yuta Hatakeyama Liao / EMI naruse (DENPA set Inc.) / Owada South mana and NADAMAN Awn Takeshi / 50 storm maasa / Takagi, and Nagashima Saint Luo / Hayama Subaru / terayama Takeshi / Hashimoto en / Tagawa Hiroki / Utsumi, t. / kosaka Ryotaro / Yoshioka Marika, (W cast A) / Hata in Qing Luo W cast B / adapt early / isohara kyou Hana And Oki Masaru Rion / ajima MoE / kamano Maki / yanagido eyes / Kato Kei Yuki / –ฦo know, / and ERI Yamaguchi? / Inaba, na child / new dance beauty and ”\เV Yukari / shimoyama Yuichi and Northern Ling stars / Fujioka Kohei / Ozawa 1000


Director: Shirayanagi power (this Super rabbit Reich)


2017/11/22 (Wed) `2017/11/26 (Sun)

11/22 (Wednesday) 18:30 š B
11/23 (Thu-Mon) 13:30 š B / 18:30 š B
11/24 (Friday) 18:30 š A
11/25 (Saturday) 13:30 š A / 18:30 š A
11/26 (Sunday) 12:00 A / 17:00 A

A : Yoshioka Marika, cast time
B : Hata in Qing Luo cast times

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* opening is the start 30 minutes before.
* show hours will be in approximately 150 minutes.

Ticket Fee

-Super sheet: 10500 yen (before 2 Guide column Middle seats)
& Platinum seats: 8500 yen (front desk)
-seats: 7500 yen (all reservation seats / including tax)

+ Ticketing Fee


Zenrosai Hall space and zero


* Preschool children admitted are permitted.

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