Mansai Nomura, supervisor
Shinjuku trick Vol.18-lie!! ~


Performance content

Shinjuku kyogen began in 1994 as a collaboration project supervisor trick master Nomura mansai and space zero, as a pioneer in directing space away from Noh Theater kyogen. It is a trick performance to highlight the theme, leading to the modern as well as the interest of the trick configuration introduced without compromising the attractiveness of Japan's leading traditional kyogen, scenography, lighting, sound, Visual effects and production. Commercials every time, expressed a novel configuration of Nomura mansai and directed stage continue in 2011 with performances of the 16th once became a dormant, but in 2016, to five years Buri "play" theme revival performances made. Pursue the possibility of once again Japan's celebrat humanity through human comedy "trick".

-lie!! -
these days, this is incredible lies and deception are everywhere in the world and feel. There are various lies and deceit are subject to the trick of the classical repertoire. People stems from that lie, cheat, deceived many people appeared. But drawn by the trick lies a modern kind, unlike it snide, lessons and aphoristic hides behind the laughter, Pun and charming feel. I think one of the reasons the familiar trick resonated throughout the ages while.
Shinjuku trick vol.18 handles my "lie-!" and two songs you want to say. It is by the trick of the trick and Chidori and the Kinoshita order 2 original "Gen city none". "Gen city none" is a folk drama based on JUNJI Kinoshita wrote tales of Kumamoto Prefecture. Popular works have been staged repeatedly since 1955, by performers from the Nomura Japanese witch who is the premiere by the trick style.
live performance 'trick' of the expectations.

○ commentary Nomura mansai
○ trick "staggered"
taro cammurimono: fukata, Osamu (8th), Kazunori Takano (9)
Lord: Oka, Satoshi (8th), IIDA-Australia (9)
liquor store: Naito (8), Shuji Nakamura (9)

guardian: Shuichi Nakamura (8), Naito (9, )

[synopsis] taro cammurimono ordered
master with a wine to buy. For payment until it is also liquor store but can you spare me liquor. We picked up the story of Tsushima is taro cammurimono, the accompanying gesture manipulation of horse archery and catching children staggered State well, while were Tun it.

No. 2 of
due to ○ trick "Gen city none" original: Kinoshita JUNJI Nomura Japanese witch, Nomura mansai
Gen City: Nomura mansai
Braggart's child: tsukizaki Haruo
Lord Ishida, y.

flute: Hiroshi MATSUDA (8), Australia-the IIDA, Nagano Nishimura Yuichiro <一噌 Yukihiro (9)
drums: Sakurai, Hitoshi

guardian br />
liar master Gen city is tricking the shield from the braggart's child, telling lies and catch a Kappa from the Lord the whale and Tengu. Or carries well all I thought when, and noticed that the shield has been chasing braggart's child, it is toretain whale and Tengu. Is nothing but shield had burned into the wife's serious!! Gen city to do.

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2017/12/8 (Fri) 〜2017/12/9 (Sat)

12/8 (Friday) 19:00
12/9 (Saturday) 14:00
* opening is the start 30 minutes earlier.

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All seats reserved: 6500 yen (tax included)

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Zenrosai Hall space and zero


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