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Super Kabuki? second "one piece" and the
World of big hit manga "ONE PIECE", Ichikawa ennosuke III is "Super Kabuki? (Second) "of the premiere sculpted musical techniques and Kitagawa, Hitoshi (yuzu), Shinbashi Enbujo 100000 people to a standing ovation with 2 years ago! Adds a
character to evolve further, come back to the Shinbashi Enbujo-. Jumped in the ocean of "theatre", "not seen this kabuki! "And new sensation Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates in adventure time, Miss!

Super Kabuki? (Second) and was once permissible no sense of scale and profound stories of art created by Ichikawa ennosuke
third eye (now the monkey), built numerous monumental, created a new genre in the theatrical world. Super Kabuki Ichikawa ennosuke III 4 Hokage inherited the spirit created by their own hand, it is "Super Kabuki? (Second) "is. aiming at the creation of entirely new stage space with talents to represent the
modern theatrical as the No. 1 series concert 3/2014 played in the Shinbashi Enbujo theatre, followed in April in Osaka shochikuza-long performances "sky view ' 刻mu ' led to great success.
[one piece] is part 2! 7/22/1997
"weekly Shonen Jump" series started with

ONE PIECE. The author Eiichiro ODA's. 3 million,
3/2010 4 sale-comics, vol. 57 becomes best first edition circulation history of Japan publishing record. Afterwards in 64 volumes 4 million, the first edition in vol. 67 4050000, first edition and has been renewing the record. From the comics, 1 volume up to 85 volumes of total circulation is 350 million over. Overseas, in more than 35 countries and territories flow through the comics total circulation in foreign countries is 60 million over.
TV animation started in the 10/1999 in now, and television broadcast from 9:30 of the week every Sunday.

top war Edition ('s Shonen Jump Comics Vol. 51-60 fascicles) during the battle with the Navy in the shabondy archipelago at the entrance to the next step of great cruise search
great treasure one piece, new world and become the straw is scattered. To listen to the news of the execution sentence of brother ACE Luffy became one, and rescue. After Luffy through non-intrusive seabed prison, ACE was transported to the Admiralty. And unfolds in a fierce battle between the Navy and Luffy and ACE to save on stage, the Admiralty finally pirates!

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Luffy and Hancock, Ichikawa ennosuke and white beard: Ichikawa right mass following / Zoro / Bonn, Berkeley / when: bando Katsumi associate and Sanji and progress: Hayato Nakamura / SADI-Chan and Mark's tail on Ukon / NAMI / aurantiaca: bando, Shingo and ABALO Pizarro: Ichikawa Shou monkey / Chopper: Ichikawa Ukon / Hatch's / sentomaru: taro Ichikawa, and Belladonna: bando Saburo bamboo / Nhon Auntie: Ichikawa lol Saburo and Jinbei and Blackbeard: Ichikawa monkey / Nico Robin/Marigold: Ichikawa emiya / Magellan: Ichikawa gender warehouse / vine: Ichikawa / ACE/Shanks: flat Takehiro / Brooke / red dog sakazuki: Kashima Noritoshi / Ivankov / Sengoku: Asano Japanese Hiroyuki


Story: ODA Eiichiro / screenplay / Director: yokouchi, k. / Director: Ichikawa ennosuke III / supervisor: Ichikawa monkey


2017/10/6 (Fri) 〜2017/11/25 (Sat)

* Confetti instruction for performing
11/13 (Monday) 11:00 / 16:30
11/14 (Tuesday) 11:00
11/15 (Wednesday) 11:00
11/16 (Friday) 11:00
11/20 (Monday) 11:00 / 16:30
11/21 (Tuesday) 11:00 / 16:30
11/22 (Thursday) 11:00
11/24 (Monday) 11:00 / 16:30

* Ichikawa Ukon cast schedule
11:00 times=1, and 2, and 4, and 5, and 6th, 7, and 11 and 12, 18, 19 and 23
16:30 times=3 days, 9, and 10, 13 and 15, 16, 20, 21 and 24.

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Shimbashi Enbujo "one piece" substituted performances with
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arrival only! 1st class seats: 16500 JPY-> confetti special price! (ticket purchase page! )

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* Children under 3 years old are not admitted.

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