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burned-leave no stone unturned!
Crimson shining flame of souls. Tsu!

Music City MIDI CITY--city by controlling the music reigns as King. ...
purpose was different, but young people aiming at

top honor for, for money, for the dream and the Fellowship formed a band and music activities. V series rock band
weak music, Office to belong to;#d30404"> "singencrimsons"
Super major they label "Judas" organized by FES suddenly appeared as a stand-in for
ranking number one dream Galaxy ™ Idol band " Trikeronica ",
Judas belongs the super rich newcomer band "alcareaphact" and compete to play. was getting crept
a disturbing Shadow Chancellor, they shine at hot
live performance & #8212; & #8212; & #8212;.

soul and pride clash! Mystery over the band the enemy or the ally? and the true meaning of the
"promise". Vertex is in the hands of anyone!
this fall, is the mystery of all engraved on the Apocalypse Le... For you!

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Singencrimsons: Yonehara Kosuke (Crowe), horses (AEON), torigoe, Yuki (poised), Naoya gomoto (ROM) * ROM auditor was scheduled to cast and Eiji Takigawa, for treatment of injuries he and, as Naoya gomoto appeared will be. / Trikeronica: kamagari, Kenta (Shu ™ Eaux), final (Riku), Kihara Rui student (Chi) / alcareaphact: Itokawa Yao Shiro (titanium), Tanaka cool stars (Orion), itagaki Li Guang who (selenium), takikawa tracts (AR) / Shinobu v—‹ sound: Tsuji Ryoichi (storm), Isaka ikumi (Oboro), Kensuke Takahashi (phosphorus), Ryotaro akazawa (OD) / Kimeru (ADAM) / Keisuke Yoshioka (Eve) and Toba Jun (grandfather) / now (Prince arisugawa Maple), Takuya / Judas Jr. : K. masumoto, kento Matsumoto, Abe Earth, Kubo by Mori


Original story: Sanrio / story: narito Hall / screenplay / Director: Saito Sakae production / songwriting: three y?ji mitsuya / music: kusunose Takuya / choreography: Toma Satomi


2017/10/19 (Thu) `2017/10/29 (Sun)

* Confetti instruction for performing
10/19 (Thursday) 19:00 ' first contact beyond time and space! "
10/21 (Saturday) 13:00
10/22 (Sunday) 13:00
10/22 (Sunday) 18:00 [Golden day]
10/24 (Tuesday) 19:00 [dream Galaxy day]
10/26 (Thursday) 19:00 [dream Galaxy day]
10/27 (Friday) 19:00 [Golden day]
10/28 (Saturday) 13:00

š concert band meeting held decision š
for the event by each band will be held!
* which performed well this program is unchanged. the

[Golden day: alcareaphact band meeting.
[day dream Galaxy] trikeronica the band meeting.

š first day special decision š
Shinobu v—‹ sound & Adam & Eve first appeared Memorial "first contact beyond time and space! "
10/19 (Thursday) 19:00

Ticket Fee

arrival only!
ROCK sheet: 6900 yen (all reservation seats / including tax) จ [ROCK sheet voucher] confetti special price! (ticket purchase page! ) for sale in
* Lottery rewards
+ Ticketing Fee


AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo


[ROCK sheet voucher]
* on the day of the concert begins 60 minutes ago reception reserved seat ticket and exchange for sure. If you are
-seats. Please be forewarned.

, performers and performance schedules are subject to change without notice.
, cancellation, change, and cannot be refunded performed non-stop.
-the commercial ticket purchase, sale and resale activities strictly prohibited. There is a place hard to see in some parts of the stage depending on the
and seat location.
-minors must get parental consent please purchase tickets.
-performances on the day of the shoot and theater design, broadcasting, distribution and replication distribution, you may. tickets purchased after the
-wheelchair passengers please contact nelke planning in advance.
nelke planning: 03-3715-5624 (flat, 11:00-18:00)

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