Yamaguchi sayoko child death of 10 year tribute screenings
"Let's see the evening waiting for months.


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1 week only! Rewards tickets released!@
[11/10 (Friday) 19-11/16 (Thursday) 20:00]
š "firework on ice Yamaguchi sayoko child "brochure & mountain mouth sayoko child drew illustrations with original clear file set giveaway š
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* w/bonus tickets for performances is only part of the afternoon.
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in 2007, Yamaguchi sayoko-San is the sudden world left.
since 1970s, called mysteries of the Orient, representing Japan worked as model.
in his later years, expanding went activities such as dance and recitation as a performer.
life is still engraved in the memory of many people. It is also a shining as a present for young generations after his death, Yamaguchi sayoko child learned the Unfading.
the death 10 years again this year, "Yamaguchi sayoko child" mind, thought you want to share memories of time, has planned a special screening as long as 1 day. Where is the spiral Hall sayoko-San appeared in numerous events. The lineup can't see this venue holds a precious picture. Hope to be a memorable day.

day of 11:30 begin (opening 11:00)
"ice Fireworks Yamaguchi sayoko child" and "/ Saya / Sankai Juku"
pm, 15:30 pm (opening 15:00)
"ice Fireworks Yamaguchi sayoko child" and "T-CITY"
š each with a guest talk and š

day, guest, guest Mr. Tomikawa (makeup artist)
afternoon: Kazuyoshi Shimomura (photographer) <

[exhibition] / b>
Peter SATO / Hideki Fujii other

š Yamaguchi elementary night plus 10-year Memorial screening, Lottery among applicants attended special gift š
on the spectator to 10 (5 of day, afternoon of 5) "Saya child make-up" (makeup) present. beauty Director

Yamaguchi sayoko child and long work with the Bucheon Sakae is supervised by the make up artists of THE GINZA SHISEIDO beauty boost bar the winners.
1, participated in the special screening of "Saya child make-up" of please get a chance.
sayoko child make-up dates and locations are as follows. Present candidates, including if possible visitors. (Travel expenses are at their own expense)
[date] 12/20
[location] THE SHISEIDO GINZA 3F beauty

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Day of guest: Bucheon Sakae (makeup artist) / pm, guest: Kazuyoshi Shimomura (photographer)



2017/12/3 (Sun)

12/3 (Sunday) day 11:30 pm, 15:30

* opening is the start 30 minutes before.
* each productions is different. For more information, please check the section above.

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General: 3000 Yen
students: 2500 Yen ฆ required student card
rewards only (afternoon session): 3000 yen ( 11/10 (Friday) 19:00- on sale)
500 yen off! 3000 Yen-> confetti seats 2500 Yen!
(all seats reserved, tax incl.)

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