Romantic action film story "glossy Han" the second night


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original "shiny Han" and is...

noven (I haven't the loincloth that! ) Tend to be the –๖˜ youth umbrella craftsmen Yoshihara Shiro (rattler of lewdness), mitsuyoshi Onoda road s.
enthusiastic sense of Justice of the Constable, and mountain (like the unmatched muscular cat),
yoshiwara Xian-unleash the invincible takes a Dick in a big brother of Shiro's story with the Erotic underground casebook and nostalgic Showa grotesque nonsense. Magic Lantern town and a mysterious town where

ruins of barracks, the
mystery and melodrama and gag rendition of a dramatic story is unique in.
what's new "glossy Han" Volume 11 is now popular on sale.

3/2016 the romantic action film story "glossy Han ' performances.
and awaited 12/2017, gloss and how the romantic action film story "glossy Han ' night 2 new sequel to the decision!

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š ™ 1: draw to line's (another character upfront) about š ™
Period: 9/23 (Saturday) 12:00-10 / 1 / (Sunday) 23: 59 "Lottery closed."
@Results announcement: 10/3 (Tuesday) "result mail sent."
and ticketing period
Eleven settlements: 10/3 (Tuesday) election results after notification-10/12 (Thursday) 23:59
credit card payment: 10/7 (Saturday) 10:00 ~ can be received until the day of performances. about

š ™ 2 draw ahead (official predecessor) š ™
period: 10/14 (Saturday) 12:00-10 / 22 / (Sunday) 23: 59 "Lottery closed."
results announcements: 10/24 (Tuesday) "result mail sent."

and ticketing period
eleven settlements: 10/24 (Tuesday) election results after notification-11/2 (Thursday) 23:59
Credit card payment: 10/28 (Saturday) 10:00 ~ can be received until the day of performances.

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Yoshihara Shiro: Sakurai Keisuke climbing mitsuyoshi Onoda Road t. suehara Takuma / Yoshihara gwangalli Beach: Toshio Mikami / 6 mouth: Tagami Makoto SATO Naoko / Tachibana, III: forest Takeshi / Wakabayashi sword: Hirotaka Noda (plum bar) / yugami: Kano Kazuma / Sakura spring CHENG: Tsuneo Murata / Utsumi Akito: ryozo Kato Daisuke / Okada, pampered and Yoshino, Teppei


Original:, Lunar sounder "glossy Han ' / wings (shinshokan co., Ltd.) in the series and written and directed: situation so (fancy suite)


2017/12/13 (Wed) `2017/12/17 (Sun)

12/13 (Wednesday) 19:00
12/14 (Thursday) 14:00 / 19:00
12/15 (Friday) 14:00 / 19:00
12/16 (Saturday) 14:00 / 19:00
12/17 (Sunday) 11:00 / 15:00
* opening is the start 30 minutes before.

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Premium seats: 11000 Yen ™ forward seating areas and benefits
General seating: 6900 yen (all reservation seats / including tax)

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