JET STREAM-50th Anniversary Special Concert ~ "Flight in Concert" by JAPAN AIRLINES


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enjoy the world of show was broadcast while airing on JFN38 overnight to as long as the premium concert

TOKYO FM, 7/3 FM history up to 50th anniversary of "JET STREAM ' (month-gold 24 hours ~ 24:55), overnight program world a taste of premium concert as "JET STREAM 50th Anniversary Special Concert"Flight in Concert"by JAPAN AIRLINES' It is held. The concert Navigator Osawa in the JET STREAM was Captain Takao. The Music Director Katsuhisa Hattori is known as arranged by artists representing Japan; NIMS Kanno of known genres of many artist's rendition by Director, screenwriter, songwriter, directing straight including Takarazuka OG et real Mao Daichi, to travel around the world greeted the audience with music. Premium concerts blend live

JET STREAM world filled with emotion, narration and music lovers, do-good and regular classical concerts, please stay tuned.

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JET STREAM: Osawa Takao (Captain), Katsuhisa Hattori NIMS (Music Director), Kanno (Director)



2017/11/5 (Sun)

11/5 (Sunday) 18:00 (open 17:00)

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