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In the za-Koenji Temple 2
CharMant's production schedule! great guests with

new sense of entertainment
first part "the world of Queen

Queen, Korea's strong desire to
real world created by the different parallel universe.
the only male performer. is going to go back to the real world,

a long time leaving on their own, but are trapped.

so much one day, thousands of Queen new
performers bring to be ordered.
it encountered thousands of lovely women dancers love.
love dance I felt hope thousands will take women don't take original

love knows nothing will wake up and there was in the world Queen
strange,,,,,. or

play love can safely return to the original world
and the real aim of the thousands?
great power performance at
The last raging unfolds! "Alice in Wonderland"
CharMant Edition

part II [result]

piano / guitar
Tate × streetdance
CharMant works "change-HEN-"
(special version)
session marred only by

performer skills utilizing performance, improvisation is the
performance show. Special

then, great guests and CharMant works to send version.

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Thousand-KAZU-(CharMant) / love-MEGU-(CharMant) / beautiful / SHOHEI (LarmeBelladonna Endgam ∃) / Inoue Tatsuya / pond in r. Kota / hachiya, student / Yamazaki Takashi Doo


Stage director and stage art: Honda, Ryota (LDA) and Assistant Stage Director: Tanabe Yoko (LDA) / lighting: goats Yuka / sound: Kitano and / costumes: Hiratsuka to Adrien, kuramitsu 雄城 / costume supervisor: mana ☆ / photography: Hoshino cultivation / hair/makeup: takahito Yamada (hairsalon Apron representative) / production: Kako Takashi Planning, production, sponsored by /: CharMant


2017/10/25 (Wed) 〜2017/10/26 (Thu)

10/25 (Wednesday) 19:00 start
10/26 (Thursday) 12:00 concert / 17:00 start
* duration approx. 2 hours (in a scheduled 15-minute breaks)

Ticket Fee

All seats free (Adv): 4000 Yen
1000 yen discount! 4000 Yen-> confetti seats: 3000 Yen!
(tax included)
+ Ticketing Fee


Za-Koenji Temple 2


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