ForestA special lunch concert in Hyatt Regency Tokyo

10/4 (Wednesday) 10:00-on sale!

Performance content

And, served in the round table table course meal in the hotel. concert of ForestA
to enjoy in the heart.
-members and social time, photography also is scheduled.

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Kaoru of Sawada / shinba mikito / Shinichi Yokoyama Megumi shioiri Koji / Imai Shunsuke / Ono Takashi / zhong'an Chiaki Ogasawara Yuko / Yoshida static / shousuke tanihara / pond / rice history flowers / zaiki Reiko / piano: nagumo Aya and Midori Yoshino, Yamamoto Kaori, child / Moderator: Makiko Ishikawa


Concept, direction: 1, Hiroyuki


2017/12/26 (Tue)

12/26 (Tuesday)
diet 13:30-
show 15:00-

Ticket Fee

S seat: 28000 yen (meals, drinks and show charge, tax and service charges included)
+ Ticketing Fee


Hyatt Regency Tokyo B1 century room


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