The Cro-Magnons tour lucky & haven 2017-2018 [Kamakura Art Museum main hall]

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the Cro-Magnons tour lucky & heaven 2017-2018
Kamakura Art Museum main hall at MotoGP!

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The Cro-Magnons



2018/3/27 (Tue)

3/27 (Tuesday) 19:00 (18:30 opening)

Ticket Fee

All seats reserved: 5000 yen (tax included)

+ Ticketing Fee


Kamakura art house great Hall


* Preschool children per parent per one entrance and knee-friendly viewing.
* This buyback, is out of service.

[important] disabled space principle wheelchair users required, or disability you have only. On the structure of the venue cannot be for disabled people. Please contact the concert ticket purchase before a possible handicap or contact us below. If you could buy tickets for please be ready to respond at the venue, at least performed 1 week before also please contact please call. people will be accompanied as a
Chaperon (1 Pax) ticket is required. -

[contact us] hot stuff promotion TEL:03-5720-9999

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