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By Peter farmer art
Inoue ballet 12 performances "Nutcracker Doll %" all Act 2

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Performance content

Clara girl presented the dolls the Nutcracker at a Christmas party. Noticed that still put the doll into the living room and back into the living room in the middle of the night. 12 o'clock Bell signal, mice and toy soldiers were fighting. Walnut % also stood at the top, fight the mouse King heh stop bites so, Clara momentarily to throwing slippers and save a life. helped
Clara Nutcracker % people-shaped sweets to announce Clara thank you. I was enjoying the dream-like world of sweets, Clara.

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Asada ryochi / Masaru Takumi / Inoue Ballet.


Choreography: on Naoto / art & costumes: Peter farmer and lighting: 満平 Hall / conductor: Yuya minorikawa, / played: Royal Chamber Orchestra


2017/12/9 (Sat) 〜2017/12/10 (Sun)

12/9 (Saturday) 6:00 PM
12/10 (Sunday) 3:00 PM
* performances time approx. 2 hours

Ticket Fee

S: (Adv): 8500 Yen
a: (Adv): 7500
b: (Adv): 5500 Yen
seats (Adv): 3000 Yen
1000 yen discount!
8500 Yen-> confetti seats: 7500!
7500 Yen-> confetti A seat: ¥ 6500!
(all seats reserved / tax included)

+ Ticketing Fee


Bunkyo civic Hall


Organizations Overview

In 1968, over 45 years from No. 1 once produced by the founder of Hirobumi Inoue performances, classical ballet, such as by art house United Kingdom Peter farmer art "Swan Lake" and "sleeping beauty" "Giselle" is recognized.


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