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December's bunraku appreciation class [Hidaka River 入相 Kao","commentator bunraku charm""kick: Keisei love"


Performance content

12-bunraku appreciation class

Hidaka 川入 Minister Kao (folds Kagawa idea Zaku et al)
ferry's column

commentary bunraku charm

Keisei love hikyaku (k edit snoring foreleg).
new Japan of column

* subtitle display.

* Society for bunraku appreciation class
12/8 (Friday) / 11 / (Monday)-15 (Friday) 6:30 PM pm (pm-8:45 approx.)

Hidaka 川入 Minister Kao (folds Kagawa idea Sakura)
ferry's column

description of bunraku charm

Keisei love hikyaku (k edit snoring foreleg)
new Japan of column

* There are subtitles.


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豊竹 Lu chanter / Takemoto Tsu piece chanter / bamboo book Chitose chanter / toyosawa wealth associate / tsuruzawa managing member of Seiyu tsuruzawa seisuke / Yoshida Japanese students / Tung bamboo intuition-10 Shiro Yoshida ball man / other



2017/12/7 (Thu) 〜2017/12/19 (Tue)

* Instructions for performing
12/8 (Friday) 18:30:
12/11 (Monday) 11:00 / 18:30:
12/13 (Wednesday) 11:00
12/15 (Friday) 11:00 / 18:30.
12/16 (Saturday) 11:00 / 14:00
12/18 (Monday) 11:00
12/19 (Tuesday) 11:00 / 14:00

◎: bunraku appreciation class for adults

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* Dates to some changes. Please be forewarned.

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