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December Discover BUNRAKU-bunraku appreciation class for foreigners


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Discover BUNRAKU
-bunraku appreciation class for foreigners-

explanation of bunraku charm description=Daniel Carl

Keisei love hikyaku (k edit snoring foreleg)
new Japan of column

"Hidaka River 入相 Kao' performances are not available.

"limited planning to all foreign nationals feel free to enjoy the Bunraku!!"
-the English, Chinese, Korea, and Spain, and Japan, with earphones.
-use English commentary makes bunraku special version.
-have planned a special concert and want to see bunraku performance entitled there are English subtitles display

"Discover BUNRAKU" is not a foreigner, even familiar bunraku. Bunraku Trinity
tayu and shamisen-puppeteer performing art to please so many people enjoy easy-to-understand explanations and classic movies. In addition to Japan and English
for normal earphones, Chinese, Korea, Spain, at the same time interpreting earphone guide will be available.

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2017/12/18 (Mon)

12/18 (Monday) 19:00

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arrival only! seats: 3900 yen (tax included)-> confetti special price! (ticket purchase page! )

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