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Roughness of the sea


Performance content

Stage is a high-growth period before Tokyo. asked to cooperate hero engaged close to
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it was a lecture on fieldwork of Minamata disease to pollution.
it is the life in social movements that rim never archaeologists.

51st kinokuniya Theatre Award and personal award winner, now talking about theater
poetry forest donkey (flue Studio) and the haiyuza theatre company's first Tagme!
or depict any irregularities, please stay tuned!

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Iwasaki roots child / Shoji Yahata Koichi / 八頭司, friends, Hajime / Endo / Amano, takeyoshi beauty / enzan Seiji / Mizuki Japanese kashimo / Tano Seiko / Shimura history of people / Saito, Ryusuke / moisturizing Ami / Miyagawa Takashi


Stage director: Seki Hiroshi hemp / lighting: Sakurai Masumi / effect: kiuchi Taku / art: Sugiyama Yoshitaka / costumes: Higuchi Indigo / production: Ohno of Yuri Abe love / sponsored by the haiyuza theatre company


2017/9/20 (Wed) 〜2017/10/1 (Sun)

* Confetti instruction for performing
9 / 20 (Wednesday) 19:00
9/21 (Thursday) 14:00
9/22 (Friday) 14:00

* doors starting 30 minutes before

Ticket Fee

arrival only! General: 5400 Yen-> 4200 Yen!

+ Ticketing Fee


Bernd's bar


Organizations Overview

It was founded in 1944 (0/1944). New troupe started with Aoyama Cedar made, this Chida, eijir?, eitaro Ozawa and Eiko Higashiyama 1000, 10 name Teruko Kishi coterie.
post-war cultural confusion period and quickly started working as theatre revival of since half has continued for over a century, always hangs high ideals, aiming for mainstream theatre of wide range of activities.


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