TEAM-ODAC No. 26 times this theatre
?Zenrosai Hall/space zero partnership performance?
"Boys be ambitious-heart at that time is now ~"


Performance content

my hero yet?! what the three-eyed one.
now also!
I was to become adults, Kishiwada city and people becoming adults. In the adult. the laughing about drinking alcohol

painful memories but frustrating memories now.
still somewhere there are punctures.
back, we think thinking what, fellow and the stupid, such as love and fight the crime conductor was doing things to do something?

. Think of anything, I didn't really have? Harassment from fun?

is that boys be ambitious! Over time, more theatrical group TEAM-ODAC of the first stage!
, laughing and smiling, fight book in crying they done? page 1 of
little became an adult, the new boys be ambitious is fired!

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Kimisawa Yuki / Nagashima Saint Gora / mirror Kenji (TEAM-ODAC) / high-Yuki (TEAM-ODAC) / Masahiro Kawakami / Shimada wings (PrizmaX) / East Nanae (TEAM-ODAC / Gotanda Tiger) / rie Iizuka (TEAM-ODAC / Gotanda Tiger) and Maeda Ami / Kojima, Natsuki (AKB48) And Manami Hara / I? I of TAKENAKA, Mizuki (TEAM-ODAC / Gotanda Tiger) / summer right Scripture / hiraguchi Miyuki (PALET) / Suzuki friend PEAR Maya (Cheeky Parade) (Sakura Cinderella) / Saki Endo, SATO tasuke (TEAM-ODAC) / Keita Konishi (TEAM-ODAC) Matsumoto YUI (TEAM-ODAC) / mitani REI Mao (Dragon m.-Ryoga-) / Keita Shimizu (Dragon m.-Ryoga-) / Matsumoto Hinata (Candy Boy) / kyo-hey / Yuji Nakamura / Ito? / Mao Noboru Ito, daiki (TEAM-ODAC) / W cast: tide? AUD, kazunari Murakami


Draft: "boys be ambitious" / author: nakaba Toshikazu / screenplay / Director: Kasahara, Teppei (TEAM-ODAC)


2017/9/27 (Wed) `2017/10/1 (Sun)

* Instructions for performing
9/27 (Wednesday) 18:30 š
9/28 (Thursday) 18:30 š
9/29 (Friday) 13:00 š  18: 30 š:

š: tide? Australian cast times
.: enter the camera for recording. Please note that.

* auditorium doors will start 30 minutes ago.
* the lobby doors and toy sales will commence starting 1 hour ago.

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Zenrosai Hall space and zero


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