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Beethoven Symphony No. 5 "destiny" all movements to dance

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Beethoven-Symphony No. 5, continues to be loved around the world for about 200 years, "fate". Masterpieces of classical music that everyone in my life always meet the challenge of four choreographers and dancers in one. As they pass through the sensibility of contemporary artists, so far no fate is projected.

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Morishita Masaki


First movement choreographer: MIKIKO (Director-choreographer) / 2nd movement choreographer: Moriyama Mirai (actor / dancer) and the third movement choreographer: Naoki Ishikawa (photographer) / 4 finale choreography: Kasai (dancer and choreographer)


2017/12/1 (Fri) 〜2017/12/3 (Sun)

12/1 (Friday) 19:30
12/2 (Saturday) 14:30
12/3 (Sunday) 14:30

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All seats free (Adv): 3500 yen (tax included)

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Morishita Studio


Organizations Overview

Dancers and company President Morishita Maki, choreographer. And production of performing arts with dance. Put on the creation of "cross-border"of the performing arts. Production through collaboration with many genre's features.


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