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š confetti 12 month interview published articles (WEB version) click here! personifying the ingredients of musubi, expand the

story of the world stage (!?) Where ninjas are unique and the only story--

a vast territory and rich natural resources, and four seasons at the same time peaceful country--rice-country.
in the shadow of the peace, who was born and raised in the village of special "result Shinobu (yuininn) he was. conflict is heir after the death of Asahi, rice ruled the country, but
twin sons of the country end up being 2-......

since it's time, Celebrate the birthday twins became a Palace in two countries, rice light and Nishiki rice's birth Festival will be held. rumors of the treasure under the twin bored to
7 years birth of Festival celebration late predecessor, Asahi will receive. POPs Idol mystery investigation concerning rumors by the order of the

light and Nishiki result Shinobi who had come from other countries, suspicious producer and choreographer, story in an unexpected development! can

played its last date of birth Festival safely? for countries to protect
Ninja Guys, defend, and protect people, running freely! "if select' feature

if ™ SELECT
with stage and the largest. Knee-jerk "choices" and appeared in the game, by its choice to the story changes.

-"results day Ninja ' and is
" Ninja x shop "card scenario game to produce co., Ltd. only keywords, the fraternity of the ninjas.
to pre-register more than 100000 people gathered ago the release of the 3/2017, from shortly after the release is done, such as Cafe collabo album. Delivered at ameba, mixi game GREE.
each character in the popular voice actors Eguchi Takuya, Masuda, Toshiki, Takuya SATO, Kenji nojima, Hiro Shimono, Nobuhiko Okamoto, Ishikawa world who their swan song.


š ™ leading Lottery information š ™
period: 9/8 (Friday) 17:00 ~ September 13, (Wednesday) 23: 59 ?Lottery closed?
results announcements: 9/15 (Friday) ?results emails sent?
ticketing begins:
-credit card: 9/19 (Tuesday) 10:00-performances on the day
-eleven settlements: 9/15 (Friday) winning notification after ~ 9/19 (Tuesday) 23:59

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Original anime: harmony s., Atsushi Kimura, Yusuke KASHIWAGI, surface Yuki, Hideaki Adachi, Yoshikazu Kotani,, ไoภ,, Hiromichi Shimazaki, Mizuki Kobayashi and k. tachihara, Hiroya, Horie Shinya, and Yusuke, Žฌ’J SATO, Ze Yoshinori Masaki / stage character: Murakami Wataru, Tanabe, Yoshihiro, Sugimoto Katsuhisa, Kihara, who, yajima Yakumo / Ensemble: Aida sea heart, Yoshitaka Kinoshita, Chiba, Mizuki Masami


Director: takii Satoru / screenplay: kumoi observed / story: only Inc.


2017/11/23 (Thu) `2017/11/26 (Sun)

11 ŒŽ 22 “๚ (Thu-Mon) 19:00
11/24 (Friday) 14:00 / 19:00
11/25 (Saturday) 12: 00 / 18:00
11/26 (Sunday) 12:00 / 16:00
* registration starts, the lobby doors open one hour before the theater doors open 30 minutes before is.
* show hours will be in 110 minutes. If you can not guide you to the seats designated for visitors wishing to
* start after.
* 11/24 (Friday) 14:00, 19:00 two performances into DVDs. Please note that.

Ticket Fee

General seating: 6500 yen (all reservation seats / including tax)

+ Ticketing Fee


6 rows of holes


* May be changed due to the cast.
* after your reservation date and time changes, cancellations and refunds are not.

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