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Stage 'flaming Mirage Showa hen GUREN-hen Hill Blues'

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most popular novel stage of 4th chapter of mirage of Blaze (Mirage) Showa series! Crimson Hill Blues
This is close to the most interesting part of the story will be presented. Don't miss the story toward
Showa series contained further hot and deep!

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Atsushi Tomita Sho / from Jin and 佃井 Minami / 50 storm maasa / Imadegawa Mai / kanegae Kou / Miyagi Kota / Yuasa Masayasu / Sugawara Takeshi / Hosokawa Akihiro / Kitamura sea / Tanaka domain / Kaneko Kayo / kidera Nana together / Y?ki Masuda / Hayashi, Koji / Kasahara Shinji / Mizutani


Story: mizuna Kuwabara (cobalt Bunko published by SHUEISHA) / Director: Naohiro ISE / screenplay: nishinaga, takafumi (empty cat ☆ soul fly)


2017/10/12 (Thu) 〜2017/10/17 (Tue)

* Instructions for performing
10/13 (Friday) 14:00 (round?)
10/15 (Sunday) 18:00
each 13 name total 26
* doors open starting 30 minutes before

Tomita, from, 佃井 and 50 storm, Kasahara, Masuda, Lin
* round performers are subject to change without notice.
please beforehand.

Ticket Fee

only 26! 1 floor seat ¥ 8000-> 7000 Yen and 4500 P get! purchase within 24 hours to REC post 1500 P get! (10/12 at 18:00 00 pm update)
+ Ticketing Fee




* Non-preschool-age children admission

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