Fukazawa shichiro since the death 30 years Theatre 1980 performances
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Nice play Narayama.

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Fukazawa shichiro since the death 30 years. Masterpiece ' Narayama believe "stage by a nice play! space only
one side black and white lines, panoramic view of the mountain looked! In the stage's "great plays" put forth a scene one after the other in rich, playful, highlighted a total natural scenery in the audience's imagination, life shichiro Fukazawa asked what life's novel "the world bright nebulae.
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Sumiko Abe / Yuko Ueno / asami light / water wells Chiaki, / Maho sekine / Shibata righteousness, and Fujikawa step / Yamamoto Takashi II / Onaga Satoshi / 木之村 t. / kambara, Masayuki Koide, Japan / OTA / Reiji to is patently


Story: Fukazawa shichiro / configuration and directed: Yukio sekiya


2017/10/7 (Sat) 〜2017/10/15 (Sun)

10/7/2017 (Saturday)-15 (Sunday)
* doors open 30 minutes concert before

approximately 1 hour 50 minutes
* Show times are approximate. You may fluctuate due to

Ticket Fee

only 12! 4000 Yen-> 3200 Yen !

+ Ticketing Fee


Japan X (theatre Kay)


You declare
10/10 (Tuesday), 11, (Wednesday), 13, (Friday) 19:00
each 4 people total 12 students

booking confetti saw. Theatre 1980 tel. 03-3321-7898

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