2017 / 2018 season
New national theatre Opens 20th anniversary Memorial Concert
New year's Ballet Ballet


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This is the new year's glamorous and gorgeous Ballet celebration

designs, you can enjoy a variety of ballet world tour. Enjoy the unique elation for exhilarating choreographed "Pas de Quatre", a brilliant technique and style can enjoy the charm of the art of the prima ballerina and character of a Grand PA classic, Balanchine technique and the finale, features "Tchaikovsky, Pas de deux" "Symphony in C" show all at once. Stay tuned to the dancers works according to changing physical and expressiveness.

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Pas de Quatre: Island Miwa, Asako Terada, Kimura, Yuri, hosoda, Chiaki and Tchaikovsky Pas de deux: Yonezawa YUI, YUI Yonezawa, yudai Fukuoka / Symphony in C: Ayako Ono, Okumura Yasuhiro / Grand-PA-classic Grand (1st movement), Fukuoka (1st movement), Ayako Ono (2nd movement), Hideo sugano (2nd movement), risako Ikeda (3rd movement), Watanabe Takashi IKU (3rd movement), Kimura, Yuri (MVT. 4), izawa Hayao (4th Mov.)


Conductor: Paul Murphy / Orchestra: Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra / Pas de Quatre: Cesare Pugni (music), Jules Perrot (original choreography), Anton Dolin (restore FTS) and Grand PA classic: Daniel Auber (music), Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (music) / Symphony in C, George Balanchine (choreographer), Viktor gsovsky (choreographer) and Tchaikovsky Pas de deux: Georges Bizet (music) and George Balanchine (choreography)


2018/1/6 (Sat) 〜2018/1/7 (Sun)

1/6 (Saturday) 18:00
1/7 (Sunday) 14:00

☆ ☆: childcare services available-friendly
* drastically be changed at a later date once again please. Please check the display just before the opening of formal show times.
* doors open 45 minutes before start of is. Starting after admission may be limited.
* approximate running time: 1 hour 50 minutes (including break)

Ticket Fee

S seat: 10800 Yen/s seat children: 8640 Yen
A seat adult: 8640 yen / A children's seat: 6912 Yen
B-seat adult: 6480 Yen/b seat children: 5184 Yen
C-seat adult: 4, 320 Yen/c seat children: 3456 Yen

* junior discount
[for] more than 4-year-old junior high school students or under
please enter at the age you to confirm if you must.

+ Ticketing Fee


New National Theatre Opera


Please note: Please do not accompanied by
less than a 4-year-old children and visitors. Ask one single ticket children.
wall, railing near the part of the upper floor, the balcony seats, stage is difficult to see. Please note that.
date, may not be able to ask for some types of seats.
canceled unless ticket changes and refunds are not.
for performers might change due to unavoidable circumstances. Please be forewarned.
wheelchair customers please contact the box office.

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