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global Maestro Pletnev and Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra present a valuable all-Russian program!

Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and the global Maestro Pletnev tag because
all-Russian program.
Russia folk motifs encrusted lovable 19 century Russia works
many from Russia revolution delivers 100-year anniversary of.

Glinka / fantasy camerlinskaya
Glinka / fantastic Waltz
Glinka Opera "dedicated to the Emperor and lives ' From Act II "krakoviak.
Borodin / symphonic poem"steppes of Central Asia'
Liadov / symphonic poem 'Lake Bewitched' "kikimora" "yaga"
Rimsky-Korsakov / Opera "Snow Maiden" suite
Rimsky-Korsakov / Opera tale of the invisible city kitezh and Saint fevelogna Suite
Rimsky-Korsakov / Opera tale of Tsar saltan Suite

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Conductor / Tokyo Philharmonic special guest conductor: Mikhail Pletnev / Orchestra: Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra



2017/10/22 (Sun)

10/22 (Sunday) 15:00
* opening is the start 30 minutes before.

Ticket Fee

4 persons only! S seat ¥ 10000-> confetti special price! (ticket purchase page! ) and 4500 P get! purchase within 24 hours to REC post 1500 P get! (10/19 17:00 20 pm update)
+ Ticketing Fee


Bunkamura Orchard Hall


10/22 (Sunday) 15: 00 6

* preschool children admission non-

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