New national theatre Opens 20th anniversary commemorative 2017 / 2018 season
Die Fledermaus


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All three acts q Germany, performances and subtitled]

This is Vienna's trendy! Dawn of a new year is operetta in best masterpieces
Waltz King Johann Strauss? by operetta masterpiece. Mind showcases the comedy from the famous Overture to exciting and full of nimble and unconventional music world of Strauss, put on the beautiful waltzes and polkas. And the glamorous Art Deco costumes are great attractions. City of Strauss Vienna presented the "Die Fledermaus" as a feature of the new year holidays end. Beginning in 2018, smart and elegant operetta in this supremely enjoyable relaxation. meet the talented singer active in the

Eisenstein's familiar Adrian elect at the new national theatre. Last performances, will seduce you with comical date Yellowtail. Rosalind, Vienna VW Oper signs singer Elisabeth Fletcher's first appearance. To Adele acclaim coquettish concert with performances by previous Jennifer O'Loughlin, arlovski 2015 'Rosenkavalier' Octavian and new national theatre debuted in Stephanie Atanasoff celebrated. Conductor is the Vienna-born veteran, Alfred echeve.

[Act 1] Eisenstein is not imperative prison in duties, irritating, With the distraction of the imprisoned before from Falke friends invited to the Soiree arlovski Ducal Palace. Yeong Adele also was asked by evening with her sister IDA, "wants to visit a sick aunt off" and put on an act. Eisenstein's wife Rosalind, missed your husband's absence, but in the meantime enjoy love affair with ex-lover tenor Alfredo dish. All ostensibly grief at a loss, he's happy. Come and enjoy going out after her husband's Rosalind and Alfredo immediately to prison warden Frank, they imprisoned the Alfredo in a case of mistaken identity.

[Act 2] arlovski Ducal Soiree. Introduce yourself and each other's nobility of France, Eisenstein and frank and the pot, a kindred spirit in France, flustered. Adele has appeared as actress of Russia. Comes the Lady wearing the mask from Hungary and Rosalind is real. Eisenstein noticing what is flirting, also lost her lovemaking tool pocket. Make a toast with champagne, the reception is in full swing. Morning at six o'clock, Eisenstein and Frank are in a big hurry to leave hotel.

[Act 3] prisons. Frank bask in the afterglow of the Soiree. Frank and Eisenstein goes to prison, was surprised. Each reveals the true identity is already in prison myself and hear amazing Eisenstein. Rosalind arrived there. Eisenstein blaming his wife's infidelity, but she is giving pocket watch cases. Here Falke is all orchestrated their own " " the revenge of the bat; was and 種明kashi a lively finale.

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Gabriel von Eisenstein: Adrian, Erato/Rosalind: Elisabeth-Fred Hill and frank: Frank brace / arlovski Ducal: Stephanie Atanasoff and Alfredo: Duke Yuta Murakami / Dr. Falke: Clemens, Zander and Adele: Jennifer O'Loughlin/blind doctor: mitsuya Okubo / Frosch: Franz Slade/EDA: unoki ERI / chorus master: Misawa, Hiroshi / chorus: new national theatre chorus / Ballet: Tokyo City Ballet and Orchestra: Tokyo Symphony Orchestra


Conductor: Alfred echeve / Director: Heinz Zednik


2018/1/18 (Thu) 〜2018/1/28 (Sun)

1/18 (Thursday) 19:00
1/21 (Sunday) 14:00 ★
1/24 (Wednesday) 14:00 ★
1/27 (Saturday) 14:00 ★ *
1/28 (Sunday) 14:00
★: " target=" _blank "> child-friendly

* will show availability of service: If you change about 3 hours (including break)
* significantly later once again please.
formal show times please check the display just before the opening.
* doors open 45 minutes before start of. Starting after admission may be limited.
* 1/24 (Wednesday) is on the 3rd floor, I'm going school groups are part of the fourth floor.

* w/bonus tickets for performances
Awards: program of performances, Theatre advance lecture

[Theatre advance lecture about]
venue: new National Theatre Opera Palace Howie
schedule: 11:00 will be accepted (Opera picked outside)
11: 15 seminar (Japanese: Opera Palace Howie)
12: 15 seminar ends (dissolved)
13:15 "Die Fledermaus" doors open
14:00 "Die Fledermaus" starting

Ticket Fee

S-seats: 23760 Yen:
a: 19440 Yen
B seat: 12960 yen (all reservation seats / including tax)

+ Ticketing Fee


New National Theatre Opera


* Please do not accompanied by preschool children and visitors.
children ask one single ticket.
* wall, railing, part of the upper floor, the balcony seats and difficult stage and subtitles. Please note that.
* date, may not be able to ask for some types of seats.
* canceled unless ticket changes and refunds are not.
* there are performers subject to change due to unavoidable circumstances.
please beforehand.

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