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Tatsumi Takayuki 13 anniversaries Memorial No. 9 times Tokyo manjir? Association
Ignorance illuminated darkness

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manjir? late father, Tatsumi Takayuki's 13th anniversary of the death, delivers the performance of Shakespeare's Macbeth sensations song "Kiyoshi", at night, by day. Before the resolution by Takaaki enoki Drame, deeply understand. who lives in the darkness...
world uncertainty, Sura of the generals of repose. Four Noh stages to create space between the three is the joint work of the performer and the audience. Welcome

gorgeous performers, enhancement of the stage, of course, showcases various art design in the lobby space.

trick "Moon troupe's Nomura myriad warehouse
Drame"Kiyoshi"enoki Takaaki
resolution"Kiyoshi"Tatsumi manjir?, sahoko Kazuyuki, sotaro Kazuhisa Tatsumi Kazuma, Rokuro Fujita hamamol, uzawa yotaro Tadao Kamei, Hosho-English, Akira Takahashi, Takashi Takeda, Asakura, Toshiki other Macbeth Macbeth

night of the
Drame enoki Takaaki
resolution Tatsumi manjir?, Woods always preferred, Takeichi, Okura genjiro, Kamei Hirotada, Kajitani, Hideki, Masaru Takao Yamauchi, water other

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Tatsumi manjir? Hosho Kazuhide Takahashi chapter / Rokuro Fujita hamamol / Okura genjiro / Kamei, t. and Mori always favored and had Japanese seafood / Nomura Manzo / Nomura mansai / Ishida, y. / enoki Takaaki and uzawa yotaro / Kamei Hirotada / Takeda Takashi Asakura, Toshiki Sano Noboru / / Takao Yamauchi / Kazuhisa sotaro / Tatsumi Kazuma


Chief producer: Tatsumi manjir? / Art Director: Kumano Hisashi Takaya / Web design: secure chart / brochure design: Yuko Kokubu / flyer design: Yuichiro Yamashita / photography: Akiko SATO


2017/11/25 (Sat)

11/25 (Saturday) 14:00
11/25 (Saturday) 18:00
* performances time approx. 2 hours

Ticket Fee

S seat (Adv): 9000 Yen
A reserved seat (Adv): 7000 Yen
B free seating (advance): 5000 Yen
student seats (Adv): ¥ 2000
through premium seating for lunch with (Adv) : 18000 Yen
serial S seat (Adv): 15000 Yen
through A reserved seat (Adv): 12000 yen
serial b: free (Adv): 9000 Yen
1000 yen discount! 5000 Yen-> confetti (B free) seat 4000 Yen!
(tax included)

* your seat location
-premium seats front way (through night and day, with lunch)
-S seat front
-A seat front right front directions, front back row, side front
-B free Chiang Kai-shek surfaces
-student free seat Chiang Kai-shek surfaces

+ Ticketing Fee


Hosho Noh theater


Organizations Overview

Aims manjir? produce Noh Tatsumi manjir? spirited meeting is when designing and Noh, is creative in the universe and duly succeeded to the classical, avant-garde the origin regression in addition to, embody the freeness of the original resolution.


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